Worship Warriors Some Insights into Spiritual Warfare

By Marijo Phelps

We began to notice in Youth With a Mission back in the mid 80′s how effective our drama, Toymaker and Son was when the worship team went before us and prepared the way with worship. Those few times they were sent to another ministry spot and couldn’t be with us were, well, disastrous. We saw this happen over and over enough so we took notice.

I remembered with the battle of Jericho it was worship which came first, being obedient to the Lord and then the victory.

Most recently I saw the pressure our church worship team was under, many accidents, injuries and things which were apparent attacks of the enemy. I purposed to lift the worship team in prayer for protection, anointing and covering. They were the ones who would lead our body into the throne room to worship our Lord. Below is a snapshot hopefully showing the importance of the worship team and those who they will lead in worship.

Worship Warriors

Exalting Elohim

Throne-room Trembling

Joyful Jesus

For all to see

Blazing Battle

Silencing Satan

Piercing Praised

Offered to Thee

Defeating Darkness

Minions melting

Advancing Army

On bended knee

Adoring Accolades

Worshippers Welcomed

Resurrection Reunion

Forever we’ll be

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