The End-Time Worship Movement: Full-Time Singers and Musicians


The Holy Spirit is raising up the greatest prayer and worship movement in history. God calls or names His people the “house of prayer.” When God names a person or ministry it indicates their character and how they function in the Spirit. For example, God speaks and moves our heart and then we speak and move His heart. The result is that God’s resources are released on earth. His resources include His power, wisdom (creative ideas), unity, money, impact, etc. The Spirit is changing the environment and culture of the Church so that it functions by prayer.

7For My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations. (Isa. 56:7)

The highest identity of the redeemed throughout eternity is to be “God’s house,” or His family that releases His resources on earth by functioning as a “house of prayer.” In Scripture, a person’s “house” speaks of their family, resources, and future inheritance.

The identity of the whole Church is the house of prayer. This is not just true of ministries that focus on 24/7 prayer. God sees all ministries in a city as part of His house of prayer in that city. The house of prayer of Kansas City is the whole church in Kansas City, which has over 1,000 congregations and ministries. Thus, the IHOP–KC Missions Base is not the “house of prayer” in Kansas City but part of it. Ministries with 24/7 prayer are prayer catalysts functioning like a “gas station that puts gas” on the one house of prayer which consists of the whole Body in their city.

In March 2004, Mark and Karen Anderson both received a prophetic word on the same day: “My house is a house of prayer; if it is not a house of prayer then it is not My house.” On Dec. 25, 2006, Mark Anderson had a prophetic dream in which the Lord revealed to him that the mission movement and the prayer movement are the same movement in God’s heart.

Jesus requires night and day prayer for the full release of justice in the Church and society. The work and cost of 24/7 prayer is a practical expression of the commandment to love one another.
7Now shall not God bring about justice for His elect, who cry to Him day and night…? 8 I tell you that He will bring about justice for them speedily. (Lk. 18:7-8; NAS)

Justice is God making wrong things right. The two sides of justice are salvation and judgment: Salvation, or deliverance for the redeemed, as God makes wrong things right for them Judgment, or punishment, on the rebellious who resist God’s justice.

Examples of God’s justice that make wrong things right include:

1.Revival: God’s judgment on compromise is seen in reviving the Church by the Spirit.

2.Soul winning: God’s judgment on the kingdom of darkness is seen when people get saved.

3.Righteous legislation: God’s judgment on unrighteous legislation (abortion laws, etc.).

4.Unity (reconciliation): God’s judgment on division in the family, society, and the Church.

5. Healing: God’s judgment on sickness is seen in the manifestation of healing power.

6.Holiness: God’s judgment on sin, anger, pornography, drugs and rebellion, etc.

7.End-time judgments: against the Antichrist’s systems that oppress people.

Jesus rules the nations now and in the age to come through intercession. Prayer will not be obsolete in the age to come. It will be central to how Jesus will rule the nations with His people.

25 Since He always lives to make intercession for them. (Heb. 7:25)

8 Ask of Me, and I [the Father] will give You [Jesus] the nations for Your inheritance, and the ends of the earth for Your possession. You shall break them with a rod of iron; You shall dash them to pieces like a potter’s vessel. (Ps. 2:8-9)

16 I will pray the Father, and He will give you another Helper [Holy Spirit]. (Jn. 14:16)

Rev. 4-5 describes the worship order around God’s throne. Those nearest God’s throne agree with Him in 24/7 worship and intercession—the most exalted occupation in the New Jerusalem.

8 The four living creatures…do not rest day or night, saying: “Holy, holy, holy…” (Rev. 4:8)


The conflict at the end of the age will be between two “houses of prayer,” or two global worship movements. The Antichrist will raise up a worldwide worship movement (Rev. 13:4, 8, 12, 15).

The Holy Spirit is raising up the most powerful prayer and worship movement in history (Lk. 18:7-8; Mt. 21:13; 25:1-13; Isa. 19:20-22; 24:14-16; 25:9; 26:8-9; 27:2-5, 13; 30:18-19; 42:10-13; 43:26; 51:11; 52:8; 62:6-7; Jer. 31:7; 51:8; Joel 2:12-17, 32; Zeph. 2:1-3; Ps. 102:17-20; 122:6; 149:6-9; Zech. 8:20-23; 10:1; 12:10; 13:9). Prayer will be central to releasing Jesus’ actions in the book of Revelation (Rev. 5:8; 6:9-11; 8:3-5; 9:13; 14:18; 16:7; 18:6; 22:17, 20).

Isaiah prophesied about prayer ministries in the end times that would continue 24/7 until Jesus returns and restores Jerusalem as a praise in the earth. They will not keep silent day or night.

6 I have set watchmen on your walls…they shall never hold their peace [be silent, NAS] day or night…7 give Him no rest till He establishes…Jerusalem a praise in the earth. (Isa. 62:6-7)

Isa. 42:10-15 gives us the clearest picture of the place of prophetic singing before Jesus’ return.

10 Sing to the LORD a new song, and His praise from the ends of the earth, you who go down to the sea…you coastlands and you inhabitants of them! 11 Let the wilderness and its cities lift up their voice, the villages that Kedar inhabits. Let the inhabitants of Sela sing…12 Let them give glory to the LORD, and declare His praise in the coastlands. 13 The LORD shall go forth like a mighty man [Jesus’ coming]; He shall stir up His zeal like a man of war. He shall cry out, yes, shout aloud; He shall prevail against His enemies. (Isa. 42:10-14)

The governmental center of the universe is in the “prayer ministry.” It includes all the Spirit-inspired prayers on earth and in heaven converging before God. The end-time prayer movement will be mature. The bowls of prayer will be full before Jesus releases His judgment on the earth.

8 When He had taken the scroll, the four living creatures and the twenty-four elders…each having a harp, and golden bowls full of incense, which are the prayers of the saints. (Rev. 5:8)


David received revelation into how God wanted worship.

11David gave his son Solomon the plans…12 for all that he had by the Spirit, of the courts of the house of the LORD…13 also for the division of the priests and the Levites, for all the work of the service of the house of the LORD…19 All this,” said David, “the LORD made me understand in writing, by His hand upon me, all the works of these plans.” (1 Chr. 28:11-19)

After David became king he set up a tabernacle of worship in Jerusalem (2 Sam. 6; 1 Chr. 15). He set Levites before the ark (which spoke of God’s presence) to worship God night and day.
1They brought the ark…and set it in the midst of the tabernacle that David erected for it. 4 He appointed Levites [singers] to minister before the ark…to praise the Lord… (1 Chr. 16:1, 4)

David established a full-time occupation for singers,  musicians,  and gatekeepers (administration).

37 So he left Asaph and his brothers there before the ark of the covenant of the LORD to minister before the ark regularly, as every day’s work required… (1 Chr. 16:37)

David provided financial support so that singers could sing as a full-time occupation.

33 These are the singers…who lodged in the chambers, and were free from other duties; for they were employed in that work day and night. (1 Chr. 9:33)

David established 4,000 full-time paid musicians, 288 singers and 4,000 gatekeepers. Thus, he financed about 10,000 full-time staff to facilitate night and day worship. It would cost about $200 million a year to provide $3,000 a month for 5,000 full-time people (plus buildings costs).

7 The number…instructed in the songs of the Lord…who were skillful, was 288. (1 Chr. 25:7)

5 4,000 were gatekeepers, and 4,000 praised the Lord with musical instruments… (1 Chr. 23:5)

David gave over $100 billion (at modern prices) to God’s house. One talent is 75 lbs. or 1200 ounces (16 oz per lb.) and would be worth about $1 million ($800/oz). Thus, 100,000 talents of gold worth about $100 billion plus a million talents of silver ($12/oz) worth about $15 billion.

14 I have taken much trouble to prepare for the house of the LORD 100,000 talents of gold [$100 billion] and 1,000,000 talents of silver [$15 billion]… (1 Chr. 22:14)

David commanded God’s people to uphold the order of worship according to the revelation that he received, because it was God’s command (2 Chr. 29:25; 35:4, 15; Ezra 3:10; Neh. 12:45).

25 Hezekiah…stationed Levites in the house of the Lord with stringed instruments… according to the commandment of David…for thus was the commandment of the Lord. (2 Chr. 29:25)

Solomon upheld the order of worship according to the revelation that his father David received.

14 According to the order of David his father, he appointed…Levites for their duties (to praise and serve before the priests…for so David the man of God had commanded. (2 Chr. 8:14)


Amos (about 750 BC) prophesied of the restoration of David’s tabernacle. The fullness of the tabernacle of David speaks of Jesus’ millennial government based on 24/7 Davidic worship.

11 On that day I will raise up the tabernacle of David, which has fallen down… (Amos 9:11)

When Israel went astray, God raised up spiritual reformers with a vision to restore worship as David commanded it. All of the 7 “revivals” in OT times restored Davidic worship. For example, Hezekiah’s revival (about 725 BC) included restoring singers/musicians as David commanded.

25 He stationed the Levites in the house of the Lord with…stringed instruments…according to the commandment of David…27  The song of the LORD began… (2 Chr. 29:25-27)

Josiah’s revival (about 625 BC) restored full-time singers and musicians as David commanded.

3 He said to the Levites…4  “Prepare yourselves…following the instruction of David…” 15  The singers…were in their places, according to the command of David… (2 Chr. 35:3-15)

Jehoshaphat’s reform (about 870 BC) included establishing singers and musicians.

19 The Levites…stood up to praise the Lord…21  He appointed those who should sing to the Lord…28  They came…with stringed instruments…to the house of the Lord. (2 Chr. 20:19-28)

Jehoiada restored temple worship in the order of David (about 835 B.C) with singers, etc. Jehoiada appointed the oversight of the house of the Lord to…the Levites… to offer the burnt offerings…with rejoicing and with singing, as it was established by David. (2 Chr. 23:18)

Zerubbabel (about 536 BC) established full-time singers and musicians as commanded by David.

10 The Levites…to praise the LORD, according to the ordinance of David. (Ezra 3:10-11)

Ezra and Nehemiah (445 BC) established full-time singers and musicians as David commanded.

24 The Levites…give thanks…according to the command of David…45  The singers and the gatekeepers kept the charge of God…according to the command of David… (Neh. 12:24, 45)

God commanded Israel to financially support the singers (2 Chr. 8:14; 31:5-16; Neh. 11:23; 12:44-47; 13:5-12). The order of worship that God commanded David to embrace is timeless, such as establishing the full-time occupation of singers and musicians in God’s house. The Spirit has not emphasized this throughout church history, but is now calling ministries to embrace this.

47 In  the  days  of  Zerubbabel  and  in  the  days  of  Nehemiah  all  Israel  gave  the  portions [finances] for the singers and the gatekeepers, a portion for each day. (Neh. 12:44-47)

5 The tithes…were commanded to be given to the Levites and singers and gatekeepers…10 I realized that the portions for the Levites had not been given them; for each of the Levites and the singers who did the work had gone back to his field. 11 So I contended with the rulers, and said, “Why is the house of God forsaken?” I gathered them together and set them in their place. 12 Then all Judah brought the tithe…to the storehouse… (Neh. 13:5-12)

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