The Call of Jesus

By Cindy Tuttle

The Love of Jesus!
Calling each of us!
So powerful, yet
soft and gentle as a flower

Even when all seemed lost
Jesus lifted me from
a life of despair and
let me know I was loved

After years of abuse
He showed me the
goodness within and asked
me to be His beloved daughter

Me! Of all people!
The joy he has given me
goes beyond anything I
could have imagined!

He has given me life!
He has given me a love!
I desire to love him
with my whole being!

My life now is His!
I give it willingly!
I give it realizing
my goodness and weaknesses

I come to God with
an open and longing heart
Like being in a desert
and thirsting for water

He calls all of us!
He calls you!
Yes! He is calling you!
Daily He calls us!

This is a daily walk with God
A wonderful walk
and yes, there is the cross
An individual cross
we all must carry

But even the cross
is not heavy
because Jesus is
with us in each step

Let us thank him
and sing songs of joy
Let us sing of the
goodness of Jesus!

I have a book published called Joyful Surrender, which is a memoir of how I overcame sexual abuse with God’s help. I have a book that is going to be published called Joining in the Dance of Life. Feel free to visit my website, which is My e-mail is


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