Blessings of a New Day!

By Cindy Tuttle

Jesus, what a wonderful
day you have given me!
The flowers show their beauty
The sun brings forth your light!

I dance to the joy of life!
I dance to the song of love!
My heart beats to the sound
of the drums of love in action

Oh, how blessed!
Oh, how radiant the
sunrise and the dawn
of a new day!

Dance to the wonder
of being alive!
Dance to the awesome
compassion of God

With gratitude Jesus
I thank you for another day
Another day to grow
in love of you!

I have a book published called Joyful Surrender, which is a memoir of how I overcame sexual abuse with God’s help. I have a book that is going to be published called Joining in the Dance of Life. Feel free to visit my website, which is My e-mail is


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