Overview of the Millennial Kingdom: Heaven on Earth


In Revelation 20:4-6, John the apostle saw an open vision of the millennial kingdom. He said, “I saw thrones, and saints sitting on the thrones. They lived and reigned with Jesus for a thousand years” (Rev. 20:4,6, paraphrased).


The millennial kingdom is the 1,000-year reign of Jesus that starts after the second coming. It’s here on the earth. Some have the wrong idea that when Jesus comes and we’re raptured, He takes us far away and then we’re done with the world. Sometimes you hear people talk about the end of the world; we don’t believe in the end of the world. The world will never end. We believe in the end of the age. There’s a new age, but it’s on the earth. The world never ends.


At this time, during the millennial kingdom, the kingdom of God will be on the earth and it will be openly manifest in every sphere of life. Can you imagine every educational institution, every economic institution, all media, all everything, totally under the Lordship of Jesus, worldwide, in every city, every village, every sphere of life in the whole world? I’m talking about here on the earth.

We will have resurrected bodies; we will live in the New Jerusalem, but the New Jerusalem is coming down to the earth. We will live in the New Jerusalem, but we will work on the earth. There will be people with non-resurrected, natural bodies on the earth. Society will go on as we know it today for another 1,000 years after the second coming. The entire earth will be completely Christianized. Jesus will be on the earth in person, leading the charge.


The result of the millennial kingdom is a thousand year unprecedented blessing for the whole earth, where the Lord is going to establish unprecedented righteousness in every sphere of life—prosperity in every nation beyond anything we can imagine. He will restore the agriculture; He will restore the atmosphere till it’s completely pure and clean. There will be no demons. Animal life will be restored and the Garden of Eden reality will fill the whole earth.


That’s in your Bible; that’s heaven on earth. We will experience this in a very dynamic way, because we will have resurrected bodies, but our resurrected bodies will be real, physical bodies like they are now. Some people have the idea that their resurrected body will be mostly spirit—so two people will hug each other and pass right through. Your resurrected body will be as physical and material as your body is right now. It will have all the properties of the resurrection and the supernatural dimensions. You will be able to grab your arm or someone else’s and it will be real. You will eat real food and have real conversations. You will really work on the earth, though your residence will be the New Jerusalem.


The New Jerusalem is descending to the earth, and it will be connected to the earthly millennial Jerusalem. This is a really important subject in the Bible. It’s surprising how many believers know almost nothing about this really massive subject. It’s exciting! The more I connect to this, the more I get so excited about what the Lord is going to do in the age to come. Here’s the deal: The way I’m living now, even in ministry, has continuity with what happens in the age to come. In other words, what I’m doing right now is actually linked to what I will do at that time. Even our ministries now have an impact and a continuity in the age to come. But that’s another subject for another day.


Jesus, as the King of kings, will personally govern a worldwide kingdom, and His capital city on the earth will be Jerusalem. “At that time Jerusalem shall be called The Throne of the Lord, and all the nations shall be gathered to it” (Jer. 3:17). There are 238 nations right now; if you count it in territories, there are 262. Though there will be some reestablishing of different nations, and different boundary lines drawn up, 200-plus nations will be gathered to Jesus in Jerusalem. I’m sure it won’t be called this, but that’s where the United Nations as we know it now will be based, in Jerusalem. King Jesus will govern all the kings of the earth in His great assemblies.


The millennial kingdom is one of the major revelations of the Bible. It’s not just a remote subject for folks who love to study the end times; it’s a primary biblical doctrine. Jesus’ core message in His three-anda-half-year ministry on the earth was that God’s kingdom is coming to the earth. That was His core message. His message wasn’t mostly about how to get forgiveness in order to go far away to heaven. His real message was, “Get forgiven so that you can be involved in the kingdom that’s on the earth. It’s on the earth forever.” His real message was, “Get forgiven so that you can be involved in an earthly kingdom.” That kingdom is manifest in part right now; it won’t be manifest in fullness till the age to come.


A popular, well-known phrase that many theologians use is that the kingdom is “already, but not yet.” So is the kingdom here? Well, it is already here, but it is not yet here. It is here already in partial expression, but it isn’t yet fully here until Jesus returns. That’s a phrase you will hear often repeated by theologians: “The already, but not yet, kingdom of God.”

When we pray, “Thy kingdom come, on earth as it is in heaven,” we’re praying for the breakthrough of the kingdom now, but we’re actually praying for the millennial kingdom to be established.


Daniel, in Daniel 7:13-14, saw Jesus being coronated as King. Daniel lived in 500 BC. So 2,500 years ago, this Hebrew prophet saw the Messiah. He didn’t know His name was Jesus, but he saw a human messiah, who was fully God and fully Man. Daniel saw a man inheriting all the kingdoms of the earth.

This is a really intense vision in Daniel 7. He saw “One like the Son of Man” —he was seeing Jesus—who “came to the Ancient of Days” —that’s one of the titles of the Father. “To [this Man] was given… a kingdom, that all peoples, nations, and languages should serve Him” (Dan. 7:13-14). It says in verse 27 that all “dominion,” every sphere of life will serve Him.

Daniel was looking at the Messiah in the millennial kingdom, but it’s literally on the earth. Some of us have an idea of dying and going to heaven and spending eternity far away and being done with the earth. That’s a completely wrong concept, that we’re done with the earth. We will talk about heaven in just a moment, and our relationship to heaven now and after the second coming.


“All kings shall fall down before Him, all nations shall serve Him” (Ps. 72:11). All the kings and all the nations will worship and serve Jesus. There is coming a time when every single king will be born again, filled with the Holy Spirit, and a radical worshipper of Jesus. They will base their national government on the written Word of God. Every single king of the earth will do that. It makes you want to cry, “Oh Lord, come, set up Your kingdom!” His kingdom is established now, but only in part. The day is coming when it will be fully manifest.


Ephesians 1:9-10. This is really important. It’s probably one of the verses I quote the most when I talk about the end times. Here’s what Paul said: “God made known to us the mystery of His will” (Eph. 1:9). When Paul uses the word mystery in the New Testament, he means “the hidden plan.” A mystery in the New Testament is a plan that was in God’s heart from the beginning, but God hid it from the prophets in the Old Testament. He hid it from the angels; He hid it until His Son Jesus came in the flesh. After Jesus went to the cross and died and rose from the dead, then God unveiled His plan to the apostles after the resurrection.

Here is the great plan that God has had in His mind from a long time ago. He wouldn’t reveal this hidden plan until Jesus came, died, and was raised from the dead. Then He unveiled the plan. “God the Father will gather together everything into one. He will bring the heavenly realm and the earthly realm together in unity into one reality” (Eph. 1:10, paraphrased). That’s a remarkable concept. God the Father is going to bring together the natural realm which we know in the earth now, and the heavenly realm, which is in heaven, and fully unify them on the earth. That was always His plan. His plan was never to get rid of the earth, but it was to bring heaven down to the earth.


When Jesus comes back, that’s what’s on His mind: He’s going to bring the heavenly and the earthly realms together on the earth (Rev. 21:3). This has always been God’s plan; it’s not a new plan. John saw it in Revelation 21, in that great, that famous verse that you’re all familiar with, and the statement, “Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men” (Rev. 21:3). That verse isn’t talking about God dwelling with human beings in heaven. He already does. There is no need to announce that God is going to dwell with humans in heaven. He was talking about God dwelling with humans in the natural realm on the earth. That happens at the end of the millennial kingdom, after the 1,000-year period which starts at the second coming. A thousand years later, the Father comes down to the earth.


Can you imagine how glorious it is when Jesus comes? Amazing. Jesus said, “I have something in addition: The Father Himself is going to have His throne on the earth, not just me.” That is when things go to a whole new level, when the Father’s throne is on the earth. Right now we’re crying, “Come, Lord Jesus!” At the second coming, He comes. For a thousand years the saints will be crying, “Come, God the Father!” because the Father is coming at the end of the 1,000 years.


One of the reasons for the Millennium is preparing the earth for the throne of God to come down to the earth forever. That is the interpretative key if you’re going to understand the end-time chapters. There are 150 chapters in the Bible on the end times. That’s surprising to some folks. If you don’t understand that heaven is coming down and the two realms are going to be joined together, you are going to be confused reading those chapters, because the paradigm, which is a fancy word for perspective, which we mostly have is that we’re going away and we’re done with the earth. When we read these chapters where the earth is transformed fully, we think, “How can the earth be transformed? We’re going away. How can we be here? I don’t get it.”

The key is that both the realms are coming together. You like the earth, do you not? You like it down here. You wish things were easier and that you felt better, but can you imagine having the earth, the realm of the earth, forever in perfection in Garden of Eden conditions with a physical, material body? You will look perfect; you will feel perfect. You will think rightly; you will act rightly. You will be in a Garden of Eden environment forever. Go ahead and smile; it’s worth it. Some of you are on the verge of smiling right now. That’s okay! This is exciting.


When we talk about the two realms coming together, first we talk about heaven. Heaven is the realm where God’s presence is openly manifest. In heaven, God’s presence and power are openly manifest. On the earth, His presence is veiled. It’s manifest a little here and there. In heaven it’s openly seen, but on the earth is where human process takes place. This is where emotions are fully expressed; this is where physical sensation comes to its fullness. It’s not going to be one realm or the other; it’s both realms brought together. The spirits of people who die before the second coming who love Jesus go to heaven. They are in the immediate presence of God, but heaven is only a temporary holding pattern. They are only going there until the second coming; then they’re all coming down to the earth.


From the resurrection to the second coming, for 2,000 years, every believer who dies goes away to heaven. That’s true. But it’s a temporary holding pattern. It’s not the fullness. Heaven is coming down. At the rapture of the Church, at the time of the second coming, we get a resurrected body. All the saints do. All the saints that have died get a resurrected body. The saints that are alive get one instantaneously. They are transformed on the spot. Those who love Jesus, fear God, and receive salvation throughout history, they don’t get a resurrected body until Jesus returns.

Why do they not get a resurrected body in heaven now? Very simply, they don’t need one. They don’t need a resurrected body to relate to the environment of heaven, because it’s a supernatural environment. They only need a resurrected body when they’re living in a physical, natural environment. From the second coming on, the two realms will come together. The saints will eat real, physical food that tastes good. It doesn’t ever make you feel bad.

You don’t need a resurrected body in heaven right now because there’s not a physical dimension. All the saints will need one; that’s why they get one at the rapture. That is when the two realms together.


The ancient Greek philosophy. How many have heard of Plato? He was a philosopher. His idea was that the spiritual realm is good. So far, that’s good. The material realm is intrinsically wrong. The way to ascend into greater spirituality is always to deny everything physical. There’s truth in that: We deny the sinful expressions of the material world. When God created the material world in Genesis 1, He said, “It is good.” God didn’t miss it; when He created the natural realm, He said, “It is very good.” The devil came in and there was corruption and a parenthesis, but God didn’t change His mind about the natural realm being good.

The Greek philosophers came along and said, “Everything that is spiritual is good. Whatever is physical is bad.” This philosophy of Plato got into the Church. That’s why people are ready to leave this world, go to heaven, and get rid of the natural realm. The Bible teaches differently. God wants to bring the two realms together; this is what the millennial kingdom is about.

A lot of believers who love Jesus buy into the idea that we’re trying to get free of everything that’s natural. No, we’re trying to get free of the sinful expressions of that which is natural. Many things that are natural are not intrinsically evil. Typically a lot of believers who are going deep into the life of God have this Platonic philosophy and they end up denying and rejecting everything natural, rather than having a biblical view of natural things. The sinful expressions we do need to deny, but many believers think wrongly about the earth and wrongly about heaven because they have an eternity with no natural realm in it. They think we’re finally free from the natural realm. That’s actually a Greek philosophy that’s still in the Church that we need to get rid of.


Here is my premise: If you don’t think rightly about heaven, you won’t think about heaven. The reason most believers never think about heaven except for maybe occasionally here and there is because they have a wrong view of it. It’s this ethereal realm where they’re on a cloud playing a harp for billions of years. They’re thinking, “I want to play a harp; I want to be on that cloud. I love Jesus.” A billion years later, they’re thinking, “Jesus, is there any possible way I could do anything else than playing a harp on a cloud floating in space?” Now, no one has ever thought it through just that way, but a lot of Christians think, “Man, I would rather stay on the earth. I don’t want to die. I don’t want to step over into that other ream, because frankly it seems a little boring. God is not boring, He’s awesome, but all I’m going to do is worship.”

No. Beloved, there will be dirt and rock. The nations are going to be fully transformed in the ultimate sense. The natural realm will continue forever and forever. If you think wrongly about heaven, thinking that it’s only in the ethereal, far away, unnatural, at the end of the day, you won’t think of heaven at all. Then you’re stuck; you only think of your life in this age. Then you’re stuck in another major way. The biblical way is to think rightly about heaven—that is, heaven on the earth. When you think rightly about it, you will think about it often. Then it will change the way you live your life on the earth right now.


One of the greatest doctrines that has ever touched my heart is the idea that the earth is going to be filled with the glory of God in the age to come in the ultimate sense. I will be a part of the natural realm on the earth working with a ministry as real as my ministry is now in the natural realm. That’s so exciting! I think of heaven all the time. Well, not all the time, but much of the time because I have a biblical view of heaven. A biblical view of heaven is exciting and dynamic and you want to be a part of it.

What I’m doing now dynamically relates to what I’m going to do then. I will have a ministry; I will be like many of you; I will be a teacher. I’m a teacher now, and I assume I’ll be a teacher in the age to come. Maybe all of us will be teachers in the age to come. We will all have ministries on the earth in the age to come.

You don’t have to feel guilty for not wanting to be on a cloud for a million years by yourself in a worship song. As dynamic as that is, that’s not mostly what the age to come is about, being on a cloud in worship sets. There will be times when all the saints are gathered for those holy moments, have awesome worship, and then go back to their work assignments on the earth and in the New Jerusalem. They do things and gather at those key times. Heaven has the key gathering times, and the worship is beyond anything we can imagine. We finish and we go back to our work assignments.


Roman numeral III. Paragraph A. There are three types of people who will be on the earth when the Lord appears in the sky at the rapture, and my opinion is this: that there are people who are alive on the earth today who will see the rapture of the Church. They will see Jesus at the seventh trumpet in the sky. This is my opinion, but I feel strongly about it. I believe there are people in this room who will see that in their lifetime. Millions of people believe that. We can’t prove it from the Bible for sure, but you’ll see that there are many signs of the times that give really clear indications that we’re in the final generation of natural history—not the final generation of the history of the world, because the world will go on forever.


At that time there are three types of people who are on the earth.

The redeemed. The redeemed, those who are saved, born-again Christians, will be raptured at the seventh trumpet. When the Lord appears in the sky, they will be raptured in glory. We love that.


There’s a second group of people called the reprobate. Reprobate means their conscience is so completely seared, they have no desire for repentance at all. They have no interest in God. Reprobate means they are past the desire or the ability to repent. They are so demonized, and their conscience is so seared, they won’t repent. They have taken the mark of the beast. There could be a few billion of those people at the time the Lord comes; we don’t know the number. The reprobate will be killed over time, not all in one instance. They will be killed. The redeemed will be raptured, the reprobate will be killed.


There is a third category, paragraph C. There are many verses on it, you can read them. This is a category that some have not thought much about; it’s called “the resisters.” That’s not a biblical term. The concept is biblical, but I’m trying to give you a term you can get your mind around. These are the unsaved survivors of the Great Tribulation. When Jesus comes at the seventh trumpet and the Church is raptured, there will be people on the earth who have not taken the mark of the beast, but they’re not born again. They’re resisters; they’ve resisted the Antichrist, not because they love Jesus, but because they hate the Antichrist.

In history, we see these kinds of people. The analogy is to Word War II, during the 1940s, when Adolf Hitler occupied France. Many in France resisted. They were called the French Resistance Army. They fought the Nazis and resisted Hitler, not because they loved Jesus, but because they hated Hitler and loved their nations. Millions and millions, I don’t know the number, aren’t born again, but they say, “No, I’m not worshipping that guy over in Europe. That’s not going to happen!” The humorous note I always bring to mind is actually real. I think of that redneck guy down in Texas who has the shotgun, and the dog, but he’s not born again. He says, “I ain’t worshipping nobody in Europe! It ain’t gonna happen!” You can picture that guy, can you not? He has his gun and he’s ready.

These are the resisters. They won’t be raptured; they will see the rapture of the Church. The rapture of the Church is not a secret event. Everyone will see it. It will be a stunning event. They will see Jesus return, but they are not born again yet. In the days to follow, they have the opportunity to say “yes” to Jesus.


My guess is that the vast majority, or maybe all of them—we don’t know, certainly the vast majority; it could be hundreds of millions—are the population base with natural bodies who continue to have children, and their children have natural bodies. The nations will go on for another 1,000 years with people with natural bodies. They have to be born again; they have a sin nature. They have to learn the ways of God just as people do now. Those with resurrected bodies, you, living in the New Jerusalem, will come to the nations with a physical, material body, and you will train them, and you will work with the governments of the earth.


One of the best pictures of this is Acts 1:1-10. Jesus appears in a resurrected body. Right? He’s in a resurrected body, but the disciples have natural bodies. For forty days we have a man with a resurrected body interfacing and training and teaching people with natural bodies. That was a picture, a snapshot of what’s going to happen in the Millennium. When they saw Jesus, the thing that surprised them was that He looked like the Jesus they knew. It’s the same Jesus. He ate with them; they hugged Him; they touched the scars in His hand and in His side, but He walked through the walls as well. He had both dimensions of natural and supernatural in His resurrected body.


Allen Hood always asks the question, which I think is funny: He ate fish with them; then He walked through the wall. Allen says, “Did the fish go through the wall with Him?” I don’t know. He has us stumped on that one. But I want you to get in your brain that you will have a physical, material body. You will eat physical food; you will have real friendships.

You will learn. Just because you have a resurrected body doesn’t mean you get a computer chip where now you’re omniscient and have all knowledge. Even in the resurrection, you will still have to learn line by line. Your mind is really sharp and you have supernatural ability to learn and retain, but you still have to learn everything line by line like you do now. Some people imagine they get in the resurrection and they’ll somehow know everything. That’s not true at all. Billions of years from now we will be studying and learning the Bible; we will be teaching each other the Word of God.

You will have new friendships. When you get a resurrected body, you won’t get an omniscient chip where now you see everyone in eternity, and you know who everyone is, and everything about them. No, you’ll meet them one by one. You’ll hear their stories. You’ll meet their friends and introduce them to your friends. I’m talking about having a resurrected body forever. The saints will fellowship, and the fellowship will get deeper and deeper.


Roman numeral IV. Getting a right perspective about the end times and the millennial kingdom. Here is the key phrase: Jesus is going to rule the earth, but the natural human process is not suspended. There will be a natural human process, meaning the learning process. We will have to build the cities of the earth. The cities will be rebuilt brick by brick. The bridges will be rebuilt, the fields will be planted and harvested. I’m talking about people with natural bodies. The natural restoration of the earth will be line by line.

Jesus doesn’t come down, wave His hand, and all the cities of the earth suddenly spring up in perfection. When He comes at the end of the Tribulation, remember that the cities of the earth are decimated because of the judgments of God. Remember the last judgment, the seventh bowl? There were 100-pound hailstones all over the earth. The cities are going to be in trouble. There will be desolation, not of all the cities, but many cities will be destroyed.

When Jesus returns, He doesn’t wave His hand and the next day every city pops up, shining bright, and everyone is saved. No, He comes back and says, “OK, we’re going to begin the process of rebuilding all the cities, training all the nations, reestablishing all the governments.” The people in the natural realm have to be taught; the people with resurrected bodies will interface with them as Jesus did in Acts 1 for forty days. People with resurrected bodies will actually interface with them. They will eat with them, fellowship with them, train them, and the cities will be rebuilt. The natural process of life will continue, but it will be significantly enhanced by the supernatural dimension of the Spirit. It’s both realms together.


This is an important paragraph. Most of us in this room are Gentile believers. As Gentile believers, our perspective, our paradigm, is right, but only half right. Here’s what we typically think: We think of worshipping Jesus as God. That is good. We think of the supernatural conditions of heaven. We think of going to heaven and worshipping Jesus as God. We emphasize His deity; we emphasize the Son of God.

The Jewish paradigm is different. They don’t think of going away to the supernatural environment of heaven; they think of reigning with the Messiah on the earth. You talk to a God-fearing Jewish man who doesn’t know the New Testament; he thinks of reigning on the earth with the Messiah, not worshipping Him in heaven. They think of Him as the Son of David; we think of Him as the Son of God. They think of His humanity, we think of His deity.

The truth is both of them coming together. He is the Son of David and the Son of God. The Son of David speaks of His human dimension, His reigning dimension on the physical earth.


Roman numeral V. Paragraph A. Look at Revelation 3:12. The New Jerusalem is a 1,500-mile city. It’s technically 1,380 miles. Some translations round it off, which is strange. John saw this big city three times in the book of Revelation. He said this three times: The city descends. Clearly, the idea is that it descends to the earth. When it descends out of heaven, there is only one option to where it lands: on the earth. Three times the book of Revelation makes it clear: The New Jerusalem comes down to the earth. When the New Jerusalem comes down to the earth, then it is true that heaven is now on earth.

A little touch of heaven is on the earth now because of the Body of Christ. I mean that the New Jerusalem, the 1,500-mile city, is heaven on the earth. It descends to the city of Jerusalem, the millennial Jerusalem, meaning the natural city of Jerusalem during the 1,000-year reign, the New Jerusalem, the heavenly Jerusalem, comes down and connects to the earthly Jerusalem. The two Jerusalems connect together. It’s a very dynamic concept.

By the way, this is our story. This isn’t some pipe dream; this is our story. I’m interested in this because my name is all over this. Your name is all over this. All the saints, our names are on this storyline. When it becomes personal to you, you become ravenously hungry to know everything you can about this subject. It’s everything that Oz is to the power of a million—a million times beyond it in its grandeur and its glory. It’s not the emerald city; it’s the New Jerusalem in its full glory. The New Jerusalem is where the saints live. We live in it, but it has come down to the earth.

I’ve mentioned here that the earth continues forever. There are plenty of verses that make that clear.


Paragraph B. The New Jerusalem will descend to a place that’s connected to the millennial Jerusalem. I can’t prove that right now; you can prove it clearly, but I don’t want to take time right now. Jesus’ throne in the New Jerusalem and Jesus’ throne in the millennial Jerusalem is one throne brought together. I call it a vast governmental complex. It’s the throne of Jesus in the New Jerusalem, the throne of Jesus in the earthly Jerusalem, brought together as one throne.


We cannot picture it all, but we know one thing, it is awesome. It is an awesome reality. This will be the governmental center of heaven and earth. This is almost an understatement, but Jesus called it twice in the gospels, “My throne of glory.” The apostles are thinking of maybe a ten-foot throne with some gold and diamonds on it. He says, “No, My throne of glory in the New Jerusalem and My throne of glory in the earthly Jerusalem will be brought together as one reality, one throne reality.” It will be a vast governmental complex that rules heaven and earth together. Jesus said, “The throne of glory.” I can imagine them saying, “Wow.”

Jesus could have said, “You have no idea what I mean when I say the throne of glory. It will blow your mind.”


Read Psalm 48. It describes the kings of the earth in the Millennium. In Psalm 48:5, they go and see the throne of glory. They see the vast city, the New Jerusalem. It says, “The kings of the earth run in terror and fear when they see this great city” (Ps. 48:5, paraphrased). They think, “Wow, I am a new king. I get to go to Jesus’ throne.” But on their first visit to Jerusalem, they are terrified by the glory and the splendor of the throne of glory. That’s Psalm 48. You can read it. It’s an awesome Psalm.


We’re not going to look at them, but there are four reasons, and there could be more than four, why we know from the Bible that when the New Jerusalem comes down to the earth, it’s close to the earthly millennial Jerusalem, but it’s not on the earth. When the New Jerusalem comes down, it doesn’t land on the earth yet. After the millennial kingdom, it is on the earth forever. For a thousand years it’s above the earth, but not connected to the earthly Jerusalem. They are connected, they are close, but it’s not on the earth.


Roman numeral VI. This is a great passage. Paragraph A. Let’s just look at it. Isaiah 65:20. You can read this passage; it’s talking about the Millennium. The two realms are brought together—the natural and the supernatural.

“No more shall an infant from there live but a few days, nor an old man who has not fulfilled his days. For the child shall die one hundred years old, but the sinner being one hundred years old shall be accursed” (Is. 65:20). There will be sinners. These people will have natural bodies; they will have to be born again. They will still sin and receive forgiveness. There will be no devil; he’ll be in prison. There won’t be demons moving around, but these humans will still have a sinful nature. They still sin and still have to receive forgiveness for it. Once you get a resurrected body, you won’t sin again. These are the people on the earth with natural bodies.

“For the child shall die at a hundred years old, but the sinner who dies at a hundred years old shall be thought accursed because he died so young,” is the idea (Is. 65:20, paraphrased). A child dies at a hundred years old. Someone in the natural realm will go to the funeral and say, “How old is the little guy?”

“He’s only a hundred.”

“Oh no, what happened? The poor little thing just got started.”

The longevity of life will reverse like it did in the days of Noah. Before Noah, people lived seven, eight, nine hundred years. Many people lived to be five hundred years old. That longevity will be restored to people with natural bodies. Now, you will have a resurrected body, so that will not affect you. I’m letting you see how the natural and the spiritual realm will be working together on the earth.


Verse 21 is speaking of the natural realm. “They shall build houses” (Is. 65:21).

“What do you mean, they build houses? With bodies in this kind of environment where people live to be five hundred years old, they still build houses?”

Yes, they have to plant vineyards. The natural realm will continue. “For as the days of a tree, so shall be the days of My people” (Is. 65:22). They will be four, five, six hundred years old. There will be no animosity in the animal kingdom—the wolf and the lamb will feed together.


Isaiah 11:6-9 is the same description, but it gives us more details. There is no animosity between animals and humans. It’s the Garden of Eden reality. The devil is in prison; the demons are gone. The natural rage or fear or animosity in an animal will be gone. “The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb” —there will be no animosity between the animals— “The calf and the young lion and the fatling [will lie] together; and a little child shall lead them” (Is. 65:6). Can you imagine the little child, that little 100-year-old guy, leading the lion?

After a few generations they will be used to it. On the first round mom will say, “Whoa. Oh no, that’s right. Jesus is here; the devil’s in prison. It’s OK.” There will be no zoos because there will be no need for zoos. There could be zoos but I doubt it. Who knows?

Verse 7 says, “The cow and the bear shall graze.” Their little guys will lie down together; they will play together. “The lion shall eat straw like the ox” —instead of hurting the ox— “The nursing child shall play by the cobra’s hole” (Is. 11:7-8). “No one will hurt or destroy in all My holy mountain, for the earth will be filled with the knowledge of God as the water covers the sea” (Is. 11:9, paraphrased). The earth will be filled with the knowledge of God. There’s a little of that happening before the Lord returns. There will be a great revival. We will see more of that. The greatest revival in history is yet ahead of us. The fullness of this is when Jesus is on the earth leading the nations.


The natural processes of life on the planet will continue. The infrastructure will need to be built for all the cities of the earth. There will be infrastructure in all the ways I have in the notes: life-support systems, building projects, economic systems, education, law enforcement. There will still be sinners and there will still be law enforcement for people with natural bodies. The laws will all be based on the Word of God, and all the leaders will be established in righteousness and justice. They will all be born again and love Jesus. Imagine this! Really, there will still be law enforcement on the earth. There will still be sinners. The crime rate will be really small. Imagine economic systems, educational systems where Jesus says, “This is My educational system; this is what I want elementary schools to look like.” They will all be built that way around the world.


Roman numeral VII. The two functions, paragraph A, that are most emphasized for the saints, for us with resurrected bodies, are kings and priests. Those aren’t the only two functions, but they are the two that are emphasized the most. Some of you will be kings with resurrected bodies. We will all have priestly functions. Some will actually be kings. Not everyone will be a king. There could be two to three billion saints; there won’t be three billion kings in two hundred nations. It doesn’t work that way. A nation does not need a thousand kings.

Not every believer will be a king, but many believers will be in dimensions of government in resurrected bodies. They will have interactions with people who have natural bodies; they will interact with them. There will be kings with resurrected bodies, and there will be kings with natural bodies. Many will act in similar ways like the angels who visit the saints now. The angels visit and teach the saints things occasionally. Or, there’s a dynamic experience that’s very rare. Instead of angels touching saints, as in this age, it will be resurrected saints touching people with natural bodies, much like Jesus did in Acts 1 when He had a resurrected body and visited the apostles and they had natural bodies. The angels are doing that now. You hear of angelic experiences here and there. They don’t happen that often; they’re rare. That’s the kind of relationship where we occasionally get supernatural help from a spiritual being. In the millennial kingdom, heaven will come down to the earth, so the interaction between the resurrected kings and natural kings will be far more dynamic than between angels and saints now in this age.


Jesus will rule a worldwide kingdom in partnership with two types of kings. There will be kings with resurrected bodies and kings without resurrected bodies. Two types of kings will interface with each other, like angels and saints do now in a very limited way.


Let’s go to Roman numeral IX. The resurrected saints, that is, you, in partnership with leaders on the earth with natural bodies.

Jesus will establish infrastructure in partnership with resurrected saints who oversee those who have non-resurrected bodies. Jesus is the King over all the earth. He is over all the cities, all the governments, all the economics, all the educational institutions. He’s going to delegate that responsibility to you as resurrected saints. You will work together with people with natural bodies.


Let’s look at paragraph B. Isaiah 9:7 says about Jesus’ kingdom, “Of the increase of His government and peace there will be no end.” That’s an interesting Bible verse. Jesus’ government will never have an end, meaning it will constantly increase. Throughout the millennial kingdom, more and more areas of society will become more and more conformed to the will of God. Actually, it will take a thousand years for all the nations to be completely Christianized in every single area of life. Jesus’ kingdom keeps increasing throughout the Millennial kingdom. The interesting thing is that after the Millennium, it continues to increase. There’s the whole earth, then the whole universe. Who knows what will be happening then? I assume the Lord will say something like this: “Here we are. I have a vast universe; let’s go and do something.” Who knows? I don’t go there, but I know one thing: Jesus’ manifest kingdom will increase. A billion years from now, it will still be increasing. It will never end. There will be more spheres brought under His manifest glory and rule.


In the Millennium it will be progressive, decade by decade. More and more people, more and more spheres of life, will come under His leadership in a very dynamic way. “Upon the throne of David He will order and establish it” —to order and establish gives the idea of process. Jesus isn’t going to come and wave His hand and everything is fixed; it will grow, little by little, over all the nations.

You will be dynamically involved. You will work hard, not by the sweat of your brow like we do now because of sin, but you will have meaningful, important work that changes the world forever. You are not going to get a resurrected body and then go sit on a cloud and play a harp and that’s it. No, you will be deeply involved in teaching, training, increasing your ministry. You will have more friends, meet new people, and it will go on forever this way, constantly learning more and more.


What is amazing to me is that a billion years from now, you will still be reading this Bible. You will be reading the book of Acts and the book of Revelation with new insight. It will matter to what is happening a billion years from now. There’s never a new Bible. God wrote this Bible so perfectly.

We think, “It’s a little confusing now.”

He says, “Well, I was making it relevant for billions of years. It will make more sense as time goes on, why I laid it out the way I did.”

When I was younger, I had a complaint with the Lord: “If you made the Bible a little easier, we would read it more.” I really told Him that. I said, “If you made 1 Corinthians 1 seven steps to prayer, 1 Corinthians 2 seven steps to make your life work, 1 Corinthians 3 how to run the Church, I would have it.”

The Lord didn’t take my advice. He could have said, “A billion years from now, you will understand more of the sophistication of why I was writing in a way that would be interesting and relevant a billion years from now—the same words, the same Bible.” We will still be teaching the Bible to each other; I will still be making handouts. Maybe not. Maybe so; I love making handouts.


Paragraph C. We’re coming to an end here. Look at this verse in Isaiah 2. “Many peoples” —this is the millennial kingdom. The word peoples in passages like this in the Old Testament often means nations. It means nations or Gentiles. You can often interchange them. You can say “many people,” “many Gentiles,” or “many nations.” Many nations shall come and say, “Hey, let’s go up to the mountain of the Lord, to the house of the God of Jacob. Let’s go to Jerusalem. Let’s come from Africa, North America, South America, and Europe; let’s go up to Jerusalem to the house of the Lord.”


Remember, this house is big. It’s the New Jerusalem, 1,500 miles. The New Jerusalem and the earthly Jerusalem are connected together. It’s a terrifying city; it’s a big house. “Let’s go up there and Jesus will teach us His ways.” He will teach on economics, education, every subject imaginable. Imagine what He will teach people with natural bodies about technology, 500 years into the Millennium, when He pulls out more information about technology than anyone knows. It will be awesome. They will go to Jerusalem; He will give training seminars on every issue of life. They will go back to their nations and apply it. We will be involved in the process with Him.


Ezekiel 36. “The nations which are left” —after the second coming—“all around you shall know that I the Lord have rebuilt the ruined places and planted what was desolate” (Ez. 36:36). All the cities will be rebuilt. Isaiah 61 says, “They shall rebuild the old ruins” (Is. 61:4). We could use those verses symbolically for now, but these verses are applying to cities in the millennial kingdom that are destroyed by the Tribulation and all the conflicts and wars. It’s OK that we spiritualize these verses, and that when we say “rebuild the cities,” we’re talking about restoring the Church. That’s OK as long as we know that that’s not what Isaiah was talking about. The Lord doesn’t mind if we borrow passages like that, but it’s good to know that when we borrow them and apply them now, their full context is the millennial kingdom. This is when the cities will literally be rebuilt across the earth.

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