‘Love’ In my eyes

“There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved.”
You can turn this around in so many ways ,
analyze it , Ponder over it ..
A love to a lover or a parent to a child ,
friends to friends but it always comes out the same.
Life ‘is’ love, and in return we look for love .
Our hearts are empty with out it coming and going ..
I thank ‘God’ My life over flows with love all around ..
When things seam the darkest, and at times ‘oh’ they do ,
all I have to do is look at my boys and I smile and love flows…
I believe somewhere in everyone’s heart
they can find love ‘coming and going’ with the flow …
Always keep your hearts open and look around you never know
where you’ll find it . It can be in the simplest thing as a child handing you
a wild flower . Or an elderly person in passing smiling at you and saying Hello.
Feel your heart swell with love as the love flows and give it freely and you’ll find
it comes back just as free and sometimes in double fold.
“Love” is grand !
Love always, Michele

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