The filling of the spirit is so great and powerful

I gave my life to Christ back in the 80′s. That being said i enjoyed God’s great presence and bounty for years till a bad situation shook my very faith and I crumbled as ash to the earth. For over 20 years, try as I might to get back to God, there was nothing. I cried and prayed i begged and to no avail. The darkness closed out all light. I honestly thought I was damned. That God had turned his back on me and I accepted that.

This last Friday I was at a funeral for a dear friend that was taken at the young age of 54. As I sat in the church I sensed this peace that I once knew and the overwhelming presence of God. There was no sorrow here in this place that i sensed. Only great joy and peace. I had not encountered this in years.

Something changed that day for me. I am in constant contemplation of the greatness of God. I am filled to bursting. Overcome and humbled. It goes on constantly from my soul to God. It feels like a river that refreshes and gives great peace. So much has been revealed in the last 3 days that could only come from God. I sense his presance all the time.

I feel like I have one foot in heaven and the other on earth. Heaven is so close I can almost taste it. This filling of the spirit is so great and powerful that i feel it will kill my very being. The closer i get the fuller I get. This goes on constantly without ceasing.

I just cannot figure out for someone as simple as myself and so rebellious as I have been for years why I have been granted such access. It is just what God is capable of.

Mike Cheney

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