Manna from Heaven

By Pam Vernon It was that time again. The Prayer meeting tonight at church and afterwards, supper. There was an expectation that everybody bring a plate of food but the housekeeping funds barely made it around the kids’ school needs, their clothing and some of those little extras the kids always appreciated, let alone food [...]

Surprise Path

By Nicole Harkonen Today, God made it clear that I wouldn’t be the author of my own adventure. He promised an adventure all right but this adventure will be taking me to an unknown place. A place I knew nothing about. I would not be able to prepare with my handy lists and this …

The Yearning Heart

By Cindy Tuttle What is it you yearn for What is it your heart needs Look within and ask your heart and soul Your soul has a home and longs to be with it’s creator Your heart longs to be united with the heart of Jesus When we look deep within we find a need [...]


How many more days must a man waste.Living for this world with haste. I ask you friend what has it done, but add darkness and pain to everyone. Today’s the day to change your life. Remove the misery and the strife.So take your minds off of this world, and put them fully on the Lord. [...]

Light of Hope

By Cindy Tuttle Jesus, you have been my beacon of hope since I was born Your light always leading me Even in the dark your light reflects your path Even in the worst of pain your light shines bright Sometimes your light is shining in nature or people Sometimes your light shines in the silence [...]

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