The Call of Jesus

By Cindy Tuttle The Love of Jesus! Calling each of us! So powerful, yet soft and gentle as a flower Even when all seemed lost Jesus lifted me from a life of despair and let me know I was loved After years of abuse He showed me the goodness within and asked me to be [...]

Do good people go to heaven?

By Robert Kiser It is a common belief that good people that believe in God will go to heaven. There are indeed good people that believe in God that will go to heaven. There are also good people that believe in God that will go to Hell. Being a good person and believing in God [...]

Freed Worship

By Patrick Roberts Apart from God, people’s ability to love is governed by the fear that their investments of love might not return to them. They are frightened that their secret, prized possessions won’t be right where they left them if they don’t continually cling. But far superior and eternally freeing is the nature of [...]

Through the Eyes and Heart of Jesus

Have you ever worked or been around someone who is just so nice, kind, generous and always there to help when needed? They are so nice and sweet sometimes it’s almost contemptible!

The Way

By Wilfred Tunyira Jesus says: “I am the way, the truth and the life; no man can go to the Father but by me”. And Satan says: “There are many ways of getting into heaven, it’s not necessary by Jesus”. But funny enough, a lot of the world’s population believes in the deceiver and therefore [...]

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