Healing the Sick: Being Faithful in Small Beginnings

INTRODUCTION I want to talk a little about the healing anointing of Jesus, to stir our attention and our faith and our focus, and then to tell a few stories and ask the Lord to heal the sick. It says in Matthew 15:21, “Then Jesus went out from there and departed to the region of [...]

Worship Warriors Some Insights into Spiritual Warfare

By Marijo Phelps We began to notice in Youth With a Mission back in the mid 80′s how effective our drama, Toymaker and Son was when the worship team went before us and prepared the way with worship. Those few times they were sent to another ministry spot and couldn’t be with us were, well, [...]

The filling of the spirit is so great and powerful

I gave my life to Christ back in the 80′s. That being said i enjoyed God’s great presence and bounty for years till a bad situation shook my very faith and I crumbled as ash to the earth. For over 20 years, try as I might to get back to God, there …


MATTERS OF THE POOR Ecclesiastes 9:15 – Now there was found in it a poor wise man, and he by his wisdom delivered the city;… The Lord has revealed: Some of the materially poor of this world are going to be used by GOD in ways that will astound those who have more in the [...]

God’s Call on David: Related to Heart Responses (1 Sam. 16:7-13)

DAVID HAS BEEN GIVEN AS GOD’S PATTERN (WITNESS) FOR THE REDEEMED 3 The sure mercies of David. 4 Indeed I have given him as a witness to the people. (Isa. 55:3-4) David is a model for obedience and faith and pictures what God wants to release by the Spirit on the End-Time Church. We look [...]

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