Giving with a Pure Heart

By naomi Cassata Deena was on her way to work when she decided to make a quick stop at the gas station. She had less that 1/8 of a tank of gas and only $15 to put towards filling it up until her husband was to get paid again. As she got out of her [...]

Through the Cross

By Fenny West Through the cross Christ reconciled us Made peace through His blood. Washed us with His blood. Through the cross Enabled us to cross From death to life Even abundant life. Through the cross He broke the curse And the bondage That made much damage. Through the cross He released life’s force That [...]

Signs Of The Time

By Donald Mehl Many would ask,  Signs of the time? Just what signs and what time are you referring to here? Well, the signs are warning signals or a heads-up God provided for us in Scripture that we might know when the return of our Lord Jesus is very near. Fifteen or twenty years ago…no, [...]

Draw Near or Live in Fear

By Rick King Draw Near or Live in Fear By: Rick L. King Feb 21, 2009 There are many hardships Humanity must now face The world and its system Have become, a disgrace Money is tight Jobs are going away People are losing their homes And there are bills they cannot pay We have turned [...]

The Gospel message to convert the Jews

By Robert Randle There are those among the clergy and leadership in the Christian Church, especially among the Gentile believers who neglect ministering the Word to those unbelieving Jews. It has even been said that is a waste of time and that no Jewish person would ever accept that Jesus [Yeshua] is the Christ [Mesiyach], [...]

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