The Bridal Seal Of Mature Love (Song 8:5-7)

INTRODUCTION Theme of Song 8:5-7: God’s commitment to supernaturally seal our heart with His fiery love. 6 Set Me (Jesus) as a seal upon your heart…its flames are flames of fire… (Song 8:6) This is the pinnacle of the Song and the New Covenant (Heb. 10:16). The Bride’s journey begins with a cry for the [...]

Introduction to the Song of Solomon

INTRODUCTION In this session, we will give introductory information about the Song of Solomon and principles of interpretation. This will give us a road map so as to understand the big picture in the Song. King Solomon is the author of this eight chapter love Song in approximately 900 BC. It was probably written before [...]

Prayer Energized by Intimacy with God

CALLED TO ENCOUNTER INTIMACY WITH GOD The Spirit is calling the Church into deep intimacy with God. My early ministry was focused only on evangelism. I had no theology for praying for revival or for focusing on intimacy with God. In May 1983, during a corporate 21-day fast, the Lord spoke audibly in the context [...]

My Prayer…For Such A Time As This

By Donald Mehl In light of the time in which we live, I felt led to write and share this fervent prayer with many. Please join together with me in lifting up our praise, our thanksgiving, and our requests before the throne of Almighty God. Dear Heavenly Father, I thank You, I praise You, and [...]

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