Jesus Will Deliver Jewish Captives on His Way to Jerusalem

The Second Coming is in context to the Battle of Jerusalem. Jesus will march to Jerusalem to win the Battle of Jerusalem to end the Armageddon campaign (Rev. 19:11-21). To understand the Second Coming we must have a right paradigm. The necessary paradigm is in knowing that Jesus will rule the earth with the natural [...]

Armageddon Campaign: The Battle of the Great Day of God Almighty

INTRODUCTION The political and military developments among the Gentiles are key signs of the times. They lead up to Armageddon Campaign. It is necessary to first understand the Armageddon Campaign to grasp the prophetic significance of what is happening in this hour in the Gentile nations. Human history does not end with a nuclear war. [...]

Jesus’ Procession Across the Sky to Rapture the Church

DISTINGUISHING BETWEEN THE RAPTURE AND THE SECOND COMING The Second Coming describes what Jesus does when He “comes” back to earth. The Rapture describes what happens to the Church when Jesus first “appears” in the sky. Jesus’ Second Coming by definition is a “coming” to earth the second time not merely a brief appearing in [...]

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