His Presence

By Marijo Phelps Now after a time in My presence and Word you are calm in your spirit and able to focus; not by concentrating or force of your will but because you’ve been in the Master’s presence, His house and you’ve praised Him. I AM completeness for you, child. Face each day as our [...]

No Uncertain Trembling

By Marijo Phelps Again, I will be with your mouth and teach you what you shall say. Fret not, it is I who accomplishes and who knows which song will bring response in a given life. My children are my instruments, not of discord but of harmony. Allow me to play you for Jesus’ glorification [...]

Growing in Him

By Marijo Phelps I love you, my daughter. Be not discouraged but humble in knowing I am working in you. You see that which is left to do. I know how you were not very long ago and watch you grow. My footsteps are becoming more and more your choice. I will help you to [...]

Resist the Enemy

By Marijo Phelps Resist the enemy and he will flee from you. Your strength comes from Jesus in you. If your spirit is willing but your flesh is weak, stand on My promises. Be not a stumbling block to anyone but lean on Me for your every need and share your sufficiency with those I [...]

Me? Moping?

By Marijo Phelps Child, sometimes you mope around too much when you should be rejoicing. Look not with your natural eyes but see the situation through my Spirit. The wisdom of the world is indeed foolishness unto Jesus let that lift you up. When your eyes see discouragement in the natural KNOW that things are [...]

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