The Ten Commandments for Today

the-ten-commandments-for-todayThe Ten Commandments for Today DVDsWe hear much about the search for virtue and defined morality. Ethics remains at the center of discussion in sports, entertainment, politics, and education as our culture gropes for a comprehensive standard to guide itself through the darkness of the modern age. Very few consider the Bible as the rule o conduct and God has been marginalized by the pluralism of our society.

Chalcedon Foundation presents a powerful solution to this dilemma in The Ten Commandments for Today. This 12 part collection on two DVD’s contains several in-depth interviews with Dr. R.J. Rushdoony, the foremost authority on Biblical law and its application to contemporary society. Each commandment is covered in detail as Dr. Rushdoony challenges the humanistic remedies that have obviously failed. Only through God’s revealed will as laid down in the Bible can the standard for righteous living be found.

Rushdoony silences the critics of Christianity by outlining the rewards of obedience as well as the consequences of disobedience to God’s word.
In a world craving answers, The Ten Commandments for Today provides an effective and coherent solution — one that is guaranteed success.

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