Bible Studies For Beginners

Beginners-Prophecy-DVD-PackBeginners Bible Prophecy DVD and BooksBasic Training for Understanding Bible Prophecy (DVD)
Running Time, 360 minutes (DVD)

In this, Bible studies for Beginners, authoritative 12-part DVD series, Gary DeMar clears the haze regarding end-times themes by explaining in clear language the interpretation of the time texts, The Olivet Discourse, Daniel’s Seventy Weeks, The Book of Revelation, and more! Includes BONUS CD-ROM: 120-page study guide with outlines of each lecture, study questions, supplemental readings, and 15 additional articles on eschatology!

This Bible studies for Beginners DVD Pack also includes the following books:

The Day and the Hour
Paperback, 354 pages

In The Day and The Hour, Gumerlock spans two thousand years of conjecture on the last days, disclosing the dreams and delusions of those who believed that their sect was the 144,000 of Revelation 7; that the 1290 days of Daniel 12 had expired in their generation; that the “Man of Sin” of II Thessalonians 2 was reigning in their time; that a Rapture of the saints, a Great Tribulation, a Battle of Armageddon were just around the corner; or that a Millennial Kingdom was about to dawn.

By exposing these erroneous predictions made century after century, The Day and The Hour encourages an approach of “cautious ignorance” concerning the date of the final coming of Christ and related events, and magnifies the truth of Christ’s words that the day and the hour is indeed unknown. Copyright: 2000

The Book of Revelation Made Easy
Paperback, 148 pages

Yes, you can understand the book of Revelation! It was, after all, written to be read and heard by its original audience (Rev. 1:3). Cutting through traditions that cloud the clear message of Revelation, Dr. Gentry draws from over 20 years of expertise in the historical and Biblical background of the book to present the surprisingly easy to understand meaning of Revelation. Free yourself from fiction and end your fears of Revelation today. Copyright: 2008

Is Jesus Coming Soon?
Paperback, 63 pages

Wars and rumors of wars, famines, plagues, and earthquakes. These are the biblical signs. All of them are realities of planet earth in our day. Is Jesus coming back soon? Did Jesus provide an exact, predictable scenario as so many modern prophecy writers advocate? The answer to these questions will shock the majority and ambush the sentries of the end-times status quo. The question on the minds of believers has always been: Is Jesus coming soon?

A great little book to put into the hands of someone who is beginning to study biblical prophecy. Copyright: 2006

This Bible study for Beginners DVD pack will bring to light the truth about Bible prophecy!

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