Advanced Bible Prophecy

Advanced-Bible-ProphecyAdvanced Bible Phrophecy DVD packWho is this mysterious person that has frightened, perplexed, and evaded prophecy students for nearly two millennia?

Dr. Ken Gentry leads the reader through a rich historical tour and employs gripping theological analysis as he solves the case. His skills as a Scriptural sleuth are evidenced in this fascinating book as he follows the trail that leads to “the man.” He also reveals “the clue” that closes the door on this 2,000-year-old mystery. The sure Scriptural and historical foundation laid in this break-through book is remarkable.

The reader will quickly learn that the Bible does interpret itself. Gentry employs this indispensable method throughout the book and exhibits its rational and illuminating effects page after page.

Paperback, 246 pages

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