A Study of Dispensationalism

Early in his Spiritual life, Pink was a Scofield Reference Bible carrying Christian. In fact, the Dictionary of Premillennial Theology notes that “he wrote what is considered the classic work on the end times, The Antichrist. This could easily be called the most complete work on the subject.” Yet around 1929 he began to reject dispensational teachings, as he grew in his understanding of Reformed theology.

In this back in print little work, we discover his core complaint against dispensationalism: it destroys the unity and applicability of Scripture! He so vigorously turned from dispensationalism that in these pages he denounces it as a “modern and pernicious error.” Through his characteristically insightful and compelling method, he ably demonstrates dispensationalism’s destructive tendencies. Against dispensationalism he argues that “there is no conflict between the law and the Gospel of the grace of God.”

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