On the Road to Armageddon

on-the-road-to-armegeddonon the road to armegeddon - paperback bookHow Evangelicals Became Israel’s Best Friend

This volume provides a very helpful historical and theological analysis of the significance of a Protestant Christian theology of history that gives special importance to the end-time in-gathering of the Jewish people, their evangelization, and the ultimate destruction of the majority of them, who do not convert to Jesus. This book is an engaging read, sympathetic and accurate while critical of the theology and approaches to history in these Christian communities.

It also provides information that will help the reader engage in understanding conversation, if not in dialogue, with people who firmly hold to these convictions.  It will be a useful book for Americans as they try to understand their own cultures and for the rest of the world in its efforts to understand how some Americans think and act.

“An excellent overview of the growth of dispensationalism, a branch of premillennialism and dispensational end-time predictions in America…. Weber gives us a valuable history of dispensational teaching that attempt to match predictions with changing world events.” Library Journal

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