Whose Promised Land?

whose-promised-land is IsraelWhose promised land is IsraelDoes the land of Israel belong to the Jews? Abraham and his descendants lived in Israel for many centuries before Christ. They believe God has promised it to them forever. The United Nations gave the land of Israel to them in 1947.

Or does the land belong to the Palestinian Arabs? Their ancestors have been living in the land continuously for many centuries. It holds a special place in the religion of Islam.

Whose Promised Land? unravels the complex issues surrounding the continuing crisis between Israel and Palestine. This fully revised and updated edition, including new chapters on Zionism, Christian Zionism, and dispensationalism, provides an evenhanded approach that does not automatically assume a pro-Israel stance. Instead, it seeks to present an honest appraisal of modern Israel while clearly delineating the inter-related issues surrounding the crisis in the Middle East.

Beginning with the history of the territory from the twentieth century B.C. to the present day, it explains the development of the conflict and the complexity of the issues. Then it surveys both the Old Testament teachings on land and the perspective taught by Jesus. Finally, it examines the major contemporary forces affecting the conflict today.

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