Left Behind – Separating Fact from Fiction

Left-Behind-fact-from-fictionLeft Behind BookYou might think so, if you’ve read Tim LaHaye’s Left Behind series (written with Jerry Jenkins). You can be convinced that the Bible specifically teaches that in the “end times” Christians will be rescued from a terrible seven-year tribulation period while unbelievers will remain on earth to be subjected to countless horrors at the hands of the antichrist.

In Left Behind: Separating Fact From Fiction, Gary DeMar takes a critical  look at the theology behind this popular fiction series and challenges readers to consider a different interpretation.

With confidence based on years of biblical study, DeMar carefully examines eleven major components of the pre-tribulation rapture theology and offers clear, convincing alternatives to the interpretations of Bible prophecy presented in Left Behind.

What difference does it make what we believe about the “end times” anyway? DeMar addresses that question as well, showing how our point-of-view regarding end-times prophecies affects the way we live each day. In addition, DeMar answers skeptics who use failed end-times predictions to disprove the Bible.

Giving us a different perspective on the end times, this approach to Bible could revolutionize the life of the church.

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