Whose Holy City?

whose-holy-cityWhose Holy City is JerusalemThree religions have fought over Jerusalem for centuries: Jews honor Jerusalem because its Temple housed the presence of God.

Christians come to Jerusalem to worship where Jesus Christ was crucified and raised from the dead.

Muslims value the city because of its role in 1,400 years of Islamic history.

All three religions feel a strong spiritual attachment to the city and desire unrestricted access to it. Who, though, should have sovereignty? Who should have political control? And who should claim ownership of the Old City, where the most sacred of sites are located?

Colin Chapman assesses the centrality of Jerusalem in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, traces the city’s history from Old Testament times to the contemporary scene, and shows how the issues of the past are relevant today.

Jerusalem is regarded by many as a key, if not the key, to peace in the Middle East. If Jerusalem could be addressed and resolved in a way that is acceptable to the majority on both sides, it might point the way to a resolution of the whole conflict.

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