Handwriting on the Wall (e-book)

the-handwriting-on-the-wallThe handwriting on the wall bookCalled by some as the “very best Bible teacher on the planet” and one of the most studied interpreters of the Bible alive today, Jordan has completed his commentary on the Book of Daniel.

The Handwriting on the Wall takes a Covenant Historical Approach to interpreting the imagery of God’s prophecies revealed to Daniel.  The prophecies of Daniel deal with the events in the Covenantal Era that were dawning in Daniel’s lifetime: the Restoration Era after the exile and the return of God’s people back to the land, city, and temple. There are no “historical parentheses” or “gaps”, no leaps of thousands of years into the future. Nor is the book of Daniel concerned about predicting the course of European church history after the apostolic age and into our time.

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