The Great Tribulation: Past or Future?

“Not all Christians agree as to when certain aspects of God’s prophetic world are to be fulfilled in history,” Thomas Ice states in the Introduction.  “Of paramount importance in Bible prophecy is determining whether the tribulation – including the Great Tribulation – is a past, present or future event.”

Dr. Thomas Ice and Dr. Ken Gentry address an issue at the heart of interest in the end times: Are the events of the book of Revelation yet to be fulfilled or have they already been fulfilled in the first century?

This engaging book brings together two opposing viewpoints, preterism and futurism, for discussion. The preterist view, represented by Dr. Gentry, argues that prophecies concerning the Great Tribulation were fulfilled in the experience of the early church. The futurist view, represented by Dr. Ice, holds that Bible prophecy portrays the Great Tribulation as yet to come.

Presented in a friendly debate format with responses by each author to the other’s position, this work will inform readers who hold either of these positions or are undecided about the issue.

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