Foes From the Northern Frontier

Foes-from-the-Northern-FrontierFoes from the northern Frontier - russiaAre there any Biblical references to territories in what is today the country of Russia? The author’s answer is yes, but Ezekiel’s reference to Rosh and Meshech is not one of them.

In a thoroughly documented discussion, the author describes the Uratrians, Manneans, Cimmerians and Scythians. Three of these northern foes of Israel are referred to by Jeremiah (51:27), the Cimmerians by Ezekiel (38:6). The Uratrians occupied what is now Soviet Armenia, southeastern Turkey and northwestern Iran. The Manneans lived south of Lake Urmia, between Urartu and Assyria. The Cimmerians first appeared in the steppes north of the Caucasus, the crossed the Caucasus and eventually invaded Asia Minor. The Scythians were nomadic tribes from the Russian Steppes, some of whom settled in the Ukraine north of the Black Sea, others east of the Caspian.

But what of Rosh, Meshech and other names in Ezekiel 38:2? Is Rosh Russia and Mechech Moscow? Rosh cannot possibly be related to Russia, insists the author.  Nor can the terms Gog and Magag.

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