Debating Doomsday CD and Book Pack

Debunking-Doomsday-PackDebating Doomsday PhrophecyMatthew 24: Future or Fulfilled (CD Audio) + 70 Page PDF Outline
CD Audio, 180 minutes

Gary DeMar and Barry Horner debated when the events of Matthew 24 were or would be fulfilled. Mr. DeMar takes the position that the Olivet Discourse is a prophecy of events that were fulfilled before that first-century generation passed away in the events leading up to and including the destruction of Jerusalem in A.D. 70. Dr. Horner argues that the prophecies of Matthew 24 were ongoing and would find their fulfillment beyond the time of that first-century generation. They remain to be fulfilled in completion. This three-disc set includes the opening statements by DeMar and  Horner, a period of cross examination, and answers to questions from the audience. Also included are DeMar’s 70-page interpretive outline of Matthew 24 and Horner’s 61-page handout that he made available to the audience.

Last Days Madness
Paperback, 443 pages

In this authoritative book, Gary DeMar clears the haze regarding “end-times” themes by explaining in clear language the interpretation of the time texts, the Olivet Discourse, the rebuilt temple, the abomination of desolation, the man of lawlessness, 666, the return of Christ, the cursed fig tree, the passing away of heaven and earth, the antichrist, armageddon, the rapture, the identity of “mystery Babylon,” and more. He sheds light on the most difficult and studied prophetic passages in the Bible, including Daniel 7:13-14; 9:24-27; Matt. 16:27-28; 24-25; Thess. 2; 2 Peter 3:3-13, and many more.

But more than this, DeMar tests your views, renews your zeal for the living truth, and encourages you to escape the paralysis of last days madness.  This is the most thoroughly documented and comprehensive study of Bible prophecy ever written! Last Days Madness will be your survival guide and spiritual compass to insure you escape the paralysis of last days madness.

Is Jesus Coming Soon?
Paperback, 63 pages

Today, the date setting frenzy persists. The prophecy pundits continue to be wrong again and again. How many of these prophecies have failed in your lifetime? Daily on Christian radio and television and the the endless stream of prophecy books we get pumped up with even more “evidence” that Jesus is now “at the door.” World events are matched with prophecies as definitive proof that the end is near. Again we wait and hope. It’s a familiar cycle: time nullifies each prediction, our hopes are deflated, and out trust level smashed. No more! The truth is out!

A great little book to put into the hands of someone who is beginning to study biblical prophecy.

Why the End of the World is Not in Your Future
Paperback, 204 pages

Nearly every prophecy book being published today points to the God and Magog alliance as evidence that we are living in the Last Days and the world is on the eve of an inevitable destructive war and the death of billions. Ezekiel 38 & 39 are being used by today’s prophecy writers as a prophetic blueprint for our time. These same prophecy writers almost never tell their readers that there is a long history of failed predictions based on these two chapters.

Finally, there’s a book that explains the meaning of these two seemingly mysterious chapters by using the Bible instead of today’s newspaper headlines!

The Day and the Hour
Paperback, 354 pages

Throughout Christian history, bizarre fringe groups and well-meaning saints alike have been fully convinced that events in their lifetime were fulfilling Bible prophecy.

In The Day and The Hour, Gumerlock spans two thousand years of conjecture on the last days, disclosing the dreams and delusions of those who believed that their sect was the 144,000 of Revelation 7; that the 1290 days of Daniel 12 had expired in their generation; that the “Man of Sin” of II Thessalonians 2 was reigning in their time; that a Rapture of the saints, a Great Tribulation, a Battle of Armageddon were just around the corner; or that a Millenial Kingdom was about to dawn.

By exposing these erroneous predictions made century after century, The Day and The Hour encourages an approach of “cautious ignorance” concerning the date of the final coming of Christ and related events, and magnifies the truth of Christ’s words that the day and the hour is indeed unknown.

This fascinating chronicle of predictions will rivet the attention of any student of Bible prophecy, regardless of your eschatological position.

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