The Last Days According to Jesus

Last-Days-According-to-JesusThe Last days according to Jesus prophecy bookDispensationalism is dead. Unfortunately, Christians continue to purchase dispensational products and keep the position alive even though the prophetic pronouncements never come to pass.

R.C. Sproul takes on the dispensational establishment and presents a biblical case for preterism. While he rehearses the arguments of othersGary¬† DeMar and Kenneth Gentry includedSproul deals with issues generally not covered by preterist and futurist authors. Sproul focuses on what Jesus himself taught about the last days and the timing of his return. Sproul answers critics who claim Christ’s teaching was “defective” and addresses several key questions regarding the last days.

“A valuable analysis of higher critical theories regarding the Scriptures, especially the eschatological teaching of Jesus.” Bibliotheca Sacra

“In his characteristically forthright, compelling and perspicuous style, R. C. Sproul provides us with an important work…. Sproul’s careful exegesis and logical precision render the skeptics’ assault on Jesus’ credibility null and void, while placing in doubt the conclusions of many contemporary evangelical prophecy enthusiasts.” Ken Gentry

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