The Religion of Evolution

the-religion-of-evolutionThe Religion of EvolutionIs the theory of evolution really science? Or is it really a religion masquerading as science? More importantly, what will happen to America if evolutionists are successful in removing the Creator from public life?

The Declaration of Independence states that we are endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights. Americas founding fathers believed that earthly governments cannot convey rights. That’s God’s jurisdiction. Governments must protect what only our Creator can give. But if science has demonstrated that there is no Creator, and theres no debate about it, then where do our rights come from?

To avoid anarchy, a nation that removes God must turn to the State to grant rights. Scientific reason becomes the new God. As politics change, the State can determine that it no longer wants to allow you to have a right that it once graciously granted to you. Read a little further in your history textbooks and you will see that we are repeating the mistakes of the past. The bloody French Revolution and the rise of Marxism in the Russian Revolution may give you some idea where America might be headed.

Filmed during the Defending the Faith Conference at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in early 2005, this eye-opening DVD exposes the religious foundation and political implications of Evolution. Gary DeMar shows you why Evolution is really a false religion disguised as science and how it was designed to be the antithesis of the Christian faith. You’ll also learn what happens to societies that remove God from public life.

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