Does the Bible Misquote Jesus?

A Formal Debate Between Dr. James White and Dr. Bart Ehrman on the the Reliability of the Text of the New Testament

Attacks on the Christian faith by atheists and skeptics always include a strong concentration on the central document of the faith: the Bible. Recent attacks have repeated this pattern, with the most visible and popular expression of the anti-Bible campaign coming from Dr. Bart Ehrman.

Opposing Ehrman’s liberal and unbelieving view of Scripture, Dr. James White confronts him in this three-hour detailed debate over the issues involved: the abundance of manuscript evidence, the transmission of the text, God’s providence in preserving His message, the impact of textual variants, the implications for the inspiration of Scripture, and much more. White succeeds in exposing the radical skepticism of Ehrman’s methods, and thus the unbelieving presuppositions degrading his view of Scripture.

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