Basic Training for Defending the Faith

Watch and learn as the late Dr. Greg L. Bahnsen teaches you how to think as a Christian. God didn’t call us to be secret agents; He demands our minds, as well as our hearts, and expects us to be able to give a reasonable defense for the hope that is in us (1 Peter 3:15).

Dr. Bahnsen reveals that our job as Christian apologists is not to change unbelieving hearts, but to simply close the mouth of the unbeliever. This 5-part video series will show you how.

Talks Include:
Part One: The Myth of Neutrality (49 min)
Part Two: Introduction to Worldviews (51 min)
Part Three: Worldviews in Conflict (53 min)
Part Four: Defending the Christian Faith (50 min)
Part Five: Problems for Unbelieving Worldviews (90 min)

DVD Pack includes: 3 DVDs (video), 5 lectures, 253 minutes, plus 1 CD (audio)

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