A Theological Guide to Calvin’s Institutes

a-theological-guide-to-calvins-institutesA theological guide to Calvin's InstitutesA Theological Guide to Calvin’s Institutes fills a gap in the literature for Reformation studies. While much has been written about the Institutes, this book is the first to undertake a section by section analysis of John Calvin’s magnum opus. Twenty leading scholars exhibit a firm understanding of and passion for Calvin’s work, covering each part of the Institutes and providing essential background information on the Institutes as well as a bibliography of Calvin resources. Contributors include:

* David B. Calhoun
* William Edgar
* Richard B. Gaffin, Jr.
* Michael S. Horton
* Robert L. Reymond

This long needed work will serve as the natural companion to Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion for classes, students, pastors and any student of the Bible and theological studies for years to come.

“This book is the work of a team of scholars…. Full advantage is taken of the current cottage industry of Calvin studies, which has achieved already notable insights in many areas. The essays vary in technical level, but are all strong and clear for the wayfaring man and some are outstanding. They add up to a very valuable volume, which I commend with enthusiasm. For making Calvin known today as well as once he was, and in every age deserves to be, this really is a major step forward.” – J. I. Packer, professor of theology, Regent College, Vancouver

“As a contribution to the celebrations marking the 500th anniversary of Calvin’s birth, this collection of essays is to be warmly welcomed. Although a number of the authors are not known primarily as Calvin scholars, they are all writers who stand in the Calvinian tradition and who affirm the fundamental tenets of Calvinistic theology. The essays cover a wide range of subjects, and everyone will find something which speaks to his own interests. For myself, the essays by Douglas Kelly on Calvin’s doctrine of the Trinity and by Richard Gaffin on Calvin’s doctrine of justification and union with Christ are worth the price of the book! If this symposium leads people back to read Calvin’s Institutes for themselves, it will have fulfilled a good purpose.” – A. T. B. McGowan, principal, Highland Theological Seminary, Scotland

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