God Is: How Christianity Explains Everything

God is How christianity explains everythingGod is How chritianity explains everythingHow Christianity Explains Everything; A Reply to Christopher Hitchens’ God is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything

Doug Wilson’s response to Christopher Hitchens’ God is Not Great displays Doug’s abilities as a writer and apologist at their finest and exhibits the level of manliness and talent for which an opponent like Hitchens begs. The literary ability involved raises the stakes for any response, and Doug rises well to the occasion.

Hitchens and other atheists write as if merely standing up against religion is an act of commendable courage. The truth is that bravery is too elusive to be trapped by mere machismo. Doug shows his readers the narrow path and exemplifies the kind of heart and mind needed to tread it. His is a true bravery built on thankful and competent trust in Christ.

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