Backward Christian Soldiers: An Action Manual for Christian Reconstruction

backward-christian-soldiersBackward Christian Soldiers: An Action Manual for Christian ReconstructionAre you tired of sitting in the back of humanism’s bus?

Jesus said to “Occupy till I come.” But if Christians don’t control the territory, they can’t occupy it. They get tossed out into cultural “outer darkness,” which is just exactly what the secular humanists have done to Christians in the 20th century: in education, in the arts, in entertainment, in politics, and certainly in the mainline churches and seminaries. Today, the humanists are “occupying.” But they won’t be for long. This book shows why.

For the first time in over a century Christians are beginning to proclaim a seemingly new doctrine, yet the original doctrine was given to man by God: dominion (Genesis 1:28). But this doctrine implies another: victory. That’s what this book is all about: a strategy for victory.

Satan may be alive on planet earth, but he’s not well. He’s in the biggest trouble he’s been in since Calvary. If Christians adopt a vision of victory and a program of Christian Reconstruction, we will see the beginning of a new era on earth: the kingdom of God manifested in every area of life. When Christ returns, Christians will be occupying, not hiding in the shadows, not sitting in the back of humanism’s bus.

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