Calvinism, Hyper-Calvinism, and Arminianism

Calvinism_Arminianism-a-theological-primerCalvinism, Hyper-Calvinism, and ArminianismThere is probably no issue that has created more division in the Church. Just how does salvation work? What did God accomplish through the cross and what is it that man does in order to receive it benefits? Most Christians have heard of the primary positions on this issue, but are somewhat baffled by their distinctions. Just what are the fault-lines of the Arminian vs. Calvinism debate? And as importantly, what does true Calvinism teach over and against the straw-man of hyper-Calvinism, the prevailing caricature so many use to attack the distinctives of the reformed faith?

Many believe that the Western Church has entered into a time of testing; that without the recovery of the true Gospel with its biblical view of both God and man the experiment in Christian liberty that is America is finished. It is time for everyone who calls on the name of the Lord to strengthen the things that remain.

Learn how the sovereignty of God does not relieve man from his duty or responsibility. Discover how the gospel can be shared without compromising God’s sovereignty. Finally, learn that Calvinism is more than five points of theology, but a world and life view that has great implications on how we are to live our lives, love our spouse, raise our children, and disciple the nations.

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