Answer Atheism Pack

Anser atheism packAnswer Atheism PackThe Deluded Atheist
Paperback, 86 pages

Noted pastor, theologian, and apologist Rev. Doug Wilson responds to atheist Richard Dawkins in this compact, hard-hitting, and insightful book. Among the many responses that the recent new atheism has aroused The Deluded Atheist stands out in its unparalleled precision and wit, reducing Dawkins’ atheistic criticism to groundless complaints and tail-chasing unreason.

God Is
Paperback, 105 pages

The most hard-hitting response to atheist Christopher Hitchens available! Continuing his series of responses to the recent atheists, Doug Wilson reaches a level of wit and insight rarely found among even the best of apologetic literature. Doug easily demonstrates the fallacies, prejudice, and irrationality of perhaps the most talented of the atheistic writers today, and shows how Christianity is the only reasonable, solid, and in fact, necessary, alternative.

Letter from a Christian Citizen: A response to Letter to a Christian Nation by Sam Harris
Paperback, 111 pages

“Douglas Wilson has done the near impossible. He made me glad that Sam Harris wrote his anti-God tract because it provided an occasion for Doug to write such a literate, compelling, and engaging response. I hope Bible study groups and Sunday school classes across the country set aside their normal lessons for a few weeks and gather together to study and discuss Wilson’s Letter from a Christian Citizen.” Craig J. Hazen, Ph.D., Director, Master of Arts Program in Christian Apologetics Biola University, La Mirada, California

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