Defending the Christian Worldview Against All Opposition (Series 2)

defending-the-christian-worldview-against-opposition-series2Defending the Christian Worldview Against All Opposition (Series 2)In this audio CD series, Dr. Bahnsen builds upon the presuppositional foundation that was laid in Series One. He reveals how unbelievers assume the Christian worldview in order to argue against it. He also shows how easy it is to decimate unbelieving worldviews, by forcing unbelievers to live consistently with their stated beliefs.

* Disc 1: Arbitrary Arguments
* Disc 2: Inconsistent Arguments
* Disc 3: Presuppositional Tension
* Disc 4: Preconditions for Intelligibility
* Disc 5: Proof and Persuasion
* Disc 6: The Evolutionary Worldview
* Disc 7: The Problem of Evil
* Disc 8: Competing Religious Claims
* Disc 9: An Internal Critique of the Koran
* Disc 10: Circular Reasoning

This is one set that I hope people will purchase because it is just that good! I think it is the best lecture series Bahnsen ever produced! It was delivered later in his life after he had time to clarify and prefect his ideas. What this means is that we get the final product, edited without mistakes. I think it fair to say that this course is the result of years of teaching, culminating in a powerful, accurate and assessable presentation. If I could only have one audio course in apologetics this would be it!

Defending the Christian Worldview receives my highest rating; it exceeds one’s expectations. If there is one dominating theme in this course it is “understandability.” I encourage all Christians to listen to this set; every family should have a copy. Purchase this set, and you will be providing the tools needed to establish an irrefutable defense of Christianity. At times Bahnsen has bored me with his lectures because they have been too basic. Not so with Defending

The Christian Worldview Against All Opposition, this set blew my expectations out the window! It is the best audio set for understanding Presuppositional Apologetics. Bahnsen’s presentation is masterful, scholarly, and most importantly, accessible. His confidence is well-founded and in a very healthy way contagious. This set is greatly needed. My only question is where has it been hiding! ~ B. K. Campbell

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