Special Download Edition Of The Hebrew Bible

Tanakh Hebrew BibleAfter countless months of effort, we have now produced a high-quality, full-color Special Download Edition of the Hebrew Bible (Tanakh) in PDF format.

This is a high-quality, 606-page PDF Hebrew Bible!

Here are the main features of this Special Download Edition of the Hebrew Bible:

  • Uses industry-standard PDF format, protecting your investment for the future.
  • You are free to use this PDF on any device that can read PDF files, including laptops, desktops, netBooks, eBook Readers, Apple Macs, Linux, and anything else that supports the industry-standard PDF format.
  • You are free to make as many backup copies as you want.
  • We do not believe in Digital Rights Management, and therefore our PDF is unlocked (unsecured) and needs no password to open.
  • There are no unlock fees or codes, and no encryption. We protect your freedom.
  • High-quality PDF, designed specifically to be read on computer screens. It can be zoomed in and out instantly, making it suitable for reading on almost any size of screen.
  • Use of color to make the Hebrew text easier to read and to highlight text features.
  • You can print any number of individual pages for off-line study.

It Is A High-quality Newly Typeset PDF Edition Of The Entire Hebrew Bible, Designed For Reading On Laptops, NetBooks, EBook Readers Etc.

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