Faith: The Final Frontier

faith the final frontierFaith the Final FrontierThis book, titled: Faith: The Final Frontier shows you the history of how it was never about faith, but about trust.. and how trust is the absolute key to opening the door to all things.

This 25 page e-book is meant to be concise and give you a full understanding on faith, trust, and how Christ meant us to live by them in all things. I teach the fundamentals of the Kingdom, and how you can apply them today in your life as intended when Jesus sent the Spirit from the Father after He rose from the cross.

There are 5 chapters in this book that teach the true definitions of faith and trust, the process you can learn and grow in your life to live by faith, and finally, showing examples of 21st century believers and how they used this fundamental tool to overcome in their trials and needs.

This E-book Is A Concise Guide To Applying Scripture In Your Life Regarding Faith And Trust. It Explains What Faith Really Is, How We Apply It In Real Life, And How Faith And Trust Works For People Now In The 21st Century… Not Just 2000 Years Ago.Faith the Final Frontier eBook´╗┐

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