Let’s Talk about Jesus

By Fenny West

Let’s talk about Jesus

Who died on the cross for us

Who came down from the Father

Who was the Beginning

Who gave us a New Beginning

Who was the Alpha and Omega

The Beginning and the End,

Who knows the end from the beginning-

the First and the Last,

The Word of Life, Eternal Life,

Who gives life more abundant.

He knew no sin

Yet was made sin

He bore our burden

To lift our burden.

He was the Price of Peace

Who gave us God’s peace

Enemies did He reconcile-

Those wild, vile, defiled.

He paid a great price

The blood sacrifice

It was a great pain

But it brought a great gain.

He now knocks on your door.

All He wants to do is restore.

But you have to let Him in

To take away your sin.
He is coming back again

Coming here to reign

Coming to take a bride

To be on His side.

I hope you will be there

I share because I care

The wise will hear and heed

Embrace this Gospel seed.

Copy it rightly



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