By Verna Mull

There is a reason we were born

A reason for every birth…

Wherever we were planted,

Is our spot to serve on earth.

Each of us has a real purpose,

For each one, a special plan.

As we search God’s Word, and will,

We clearly see, all life is planned.

So many never find their way,

Confused by many earthly calls;

Plodding carelessly through this life,

Not considering the cause of falls.

No one to gently bear them up,

Not many that even care.

While those who follow Jesus,

Know that He is always there.

If you ignore your special spot,

Who will carry life’s heavy load?

Where will you spend eternity?

Don’t choose Hell to be your abode!

Yield to Jesus, who is the Way.

He’s a friend who holds our hand.

He’ll lead us through life’s valleys,

And on to the Promised Land!

I plead with you to walk with me.

I’ve found that His Way is best

I fully trust His promises,

And through His Word, I am blessed

An elderly Christian who has learned to depend upon the Lord. He is sufficient to meet our needs in any circumstance of life. I only want to honor Him

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