Its Not Too Late

While at the hospital with my 84 year old father in law (Clint). Clint had a stroke 3 years ago and his health has challenged him lately. My wife of 35 years (Mary Ann) left the room.  I asked Clint do you know that its time to pray and ask Jesus into your heart? He stared at me and then said O K. We talked a while and when Mary came back into the room I asked Clint again to tell Mary what you need. Clint said ( I need to pray and Jesus) Mary looked at me I smiled and I said this is that special time that we prayed for I want to let you have this with your Dad. I left the room.

Mary and Clint said the sinners prayer and then Clint reached up and touched her face and kissed her. He said that he wanted to cry because he thought that it was too late. I entered the room and went to my Bible and found the blank pages Clint placed his hand on the blank page and I drew his hand print there Mary placed her hand on the other side and left her hand print, Their names and the dates were written in. We shared some time and then prayed and went home.

You have to understand that its not too late for another name to be written into the Lambs book of life and there are blank pages to put your hand on.

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