Why Jesus?

By Josiah Praise

So many questions bother our minds as humans.We might try to brush them aside,but they wake us up the next morning. What is life? Is there more to life than this? How can i find fulfillment,love,peace and security? What is my purpose in life? and even How can I make the best out of my life?.

Various people have attempted to answer these questions and find the true meaning of life but end up with no answers.

A long time ago, a journalist wrote to great philosophers and professors of his time seeking an answer to the question of what life actually was. He got no answers back: some even asked him to call back whenever the answer was gotten.

There is only one way to find true meaning in life and answers to life’s questions – it is through Jesus. I know at this point you might be like ‘Okay i knew this was coming’, but this is the truth because in every human there is a God-space. A gap that can never be filled no matter how much food, drinks, money, houses, fame fortune and success is poured into it,only Jesus can fit into that gap and grant one a new state.

If so, then the question becomes ‘who is Jesus’ Available historic records show great evidence that Jesus existed:both christian and non christian sources acknowledge this. The new testament records written around 40- 100AD know to be the most accurate of all historic books proves this fact. While on earth, Jesus lived a life that could best be described as extraordinary due to his different way of life and actions. Jesus -as He acknowledged and as the bible has proved- is the son of God sent to lay his life as a ransom for all so that those who believe can be restored back to their maker God.

Looking at his life, He was free of any sin or guilt:even those that crucified him had only false charges against him. His teachings- like the sermon on the mount and so on -are considered the wisest owing to It’s great morals that have transformed lives positively.He performed miracles and healing never before seen in history. In addition, Jesus fulfilled old testament prophecies exactly as they were revealed hundreds of years beforehand- His manner of birth, His life and even death. Having known who Jesus really is,you might ask why Jesus?.

Several years ago a famous pop musician admitted that in spite of his fame, fortune and success he still felt very lonely. He lacked an ongoing loving relationship.Humans cannot guarantee such a relationship,there will always be loopholes. Jesus can give this relationship – he fills our heart with love to overflowing,becoming a best friend and transforms our entire being inside out. It is God’s will for us to have a continuous fellowship with him. This was broken in the garden of Eden but once again that opportunity has been given to us through his son. In a confused world like ours,there is a great need for direction. In a dark world like ours there is an enormous need for a light.

Jesus is the way, the truth and life. He said ‘I am the light of the world, whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life’ John 8 12. Every human is in need of love to assure self worth answering the question Who am I?. God has answered this by giving us his love and making us his children. He has given us significance and security answering the questions Why am i here? and where am I going? respectively. There is need for us to do away with the idea that God is a mean person just waiting to beat us with an iron rod. No. God loves us and wants a fulfilled life for us. You need Jesus because you have a past. No matter how hard you try to forget, it still remains -you have a past and only Jesus can wipe the slate clean.  Also, you have a future.  It might look so gloomy and all you see is fear, worry and anxiety. You do not feel secure because death can come at any time.Jesus brings hope into your life and brightens up your future. You no longer fear death because you know what happens in death that ‘those who believe in me will live, even though they die ….’ John 11:26.

Lastly, You need a friend.  Someone who cares and knows you more than anyone.  You’ve tried it your way and it hasn’t worked, try the way of Jesus today!

I love letting people know about Jesus through my writing ability! My blog is at hopediscovery.blogspot.com

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  1. Betty Landry says:

    Jesus is my life line,there is no one like Gods only Begotten son, who went though hell and back again to save our souls. We say that we are Gods children, many have denied him, and want to live a life that pleases them. I pray that the lost souls of this world would get their life right with Jesus and live a righteous life before God. Because of my belief I have a changed life,healing , miracles, blessings have over powered me. Now I can tell the testimonies to the believes and non- believes. The power of God, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit will never lose itsstrenght.