A Dogs Life

By Toni Ullom

Howler was the runt of the litter. His brothers Brutus and Bull were twice his size. Mealtime was like a war as Howler tried to get some of the food. Usually all he got was scratched and bitten as his brothers gobbled down every last morsel of food. Over time Howler grew thinner and thinner, scars covered most of his body, his face a mangled, distorted feature.

Howlers life was filled with dread. All life had shown him was defeat, his spirit was failing much like his body. No hope was left in him. He had grown so tired of the battle that he had begun to stand aside at mealtime and wonder to the bowl after his brothers had finished eating. Mere crumbs were all that was left. Howler was dying a bit at a time.

One day as Howler struggled toward a field of sunflowers, each step taking from him precious strength. He had lost all hope of love and mercy. It was time to surrender to life in the form of death. No one cared, not even his owner, he was nothing to anyone. Laying down he waited for the cyotes to finish him off. As the darkness of night came, he waited, afraid, yet at peace knowing after tonight his pain would end forever.

Sounds of the night filled the cold winter air. The cries of coyotes in the distance seemed like a call of peace to Howlers troubled soul. He fell asleep with the thought of never seeing another day of agony.

“Over here, shine your lights over here!” cried a voice from the darkness. Howler tried to stand and run but he was to weak. A blanket soon wrapped him in warmth. He was lifted up and placed in the back of a truck. Days later he awoke, his wounds had been treated, a huge bowl of food lay beside him and all the milk he could drink. No enemies were near to take everything from him. He was safe at last, he was experiencing love and he loved it!

Satan sends things to beat us down, to starve all hope from us. When a Christian brother or sister reach’s out for you it’s not to embarrass you. It’s out of love and the need to rescue you from the life of hopelessness your living. Even if you can’t see it when your living it, it becomes normal to you, but others know that there is something better waiting for you in Jesus. No one is trying to run your life or judge you. If you look at your life with all honesty, do you like yourself, your lifestyle, are you running toward an end like Howler? When you wake up will you be in the arms of a loving father or the arms of your tormentor?

I’m a single mom with lots of compassion for those who hurt emotionally. I simply want to share God’s love with others. I don’t have any degree’s or even a high school diploma. I only have two thing of value, my family and God’s precious love.

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