Walking Wounded

By Jacqui Julyan

My dear children, you know me and I know you, your salvation is secure in Me. My Father is your father and I know the trials that are before you, I know the trials behind you and those difficulties you now face. I am with you. I know your broken heart, your broken dreams but delight yourself in Me, I will satisfy your heart with beautiful tender mercies. Look not unto the world for healing but unto me. My love casteth out all fear my ways are not your ways nor the worlds ways.

You need no money, come buy from me clear water. From my fountain it is not muddied by those who profess to be my shepherds. They have muddied the waters and the residue they trample on afterwards they give to you.

My Word is a lamp unto your feet. It is pure converting the soul. Listen not to the world, or to religious words trampled on and those who say ‘saith the Lord’.

My voice you will know. My directions you will know. I am the Lord that heals thee. I am the Good Shepherd.

copyright to jacqui julyan


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  1. Berto Lazarus says:

    The fear of man is a snare, but the Fear of the Lord is clean because it is cleansing. By Fear of the Lord, men depart from evil. “My flesh trembleth for Fear of you (Jesus) and i am afraid of your judgements” Psalm 119:120- a brother in the Lord penned this through the Holy Spirit. I dont know the Lord if i dont fear Him, nor can i love Him if i dont fear Him. Loving Jesus and fearing Jesus is totally connected. A brother -berto