I Saw You Today!

By Anastasia Floyd

I saw you today, I wonder did you see me? I saw you today, I was hoping you would look my way. I was in the service looking for those few, the ones who love me the way you used too. How is it that your heart has turned so cold, how is it that you sin now before me big and bold? Where is the Love that you used to have? Where is the reverence for my Holy Presence? You ask me to come but you don’t really mean it, you just want a show. Your love for me has grown cold. Your services used to be filled with my presence, I used to rule and reign in your services. Now your services are big Hollywood performances with the best singers and the best dancers!

Will there ever be room for me again? Yes I heal and Yes I do deliver despite the fact that your love for me has grown cold. Your intellect is over-riding your Love for the one true God. I have not changed you have! And what is this now? You will try to kill my prophets? The very ones I have raised up to be a blessing to you! I have sent others and you did not heed the warning. Now I send another and what will you do? I saw you today, did you see me? I saw you today and I was not pleased with what I saw.

I am a Christian Writer I enjoy writing devotionals and poetry and short stories.

website: heartsofintegritygroup@yahoo.com

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