Resist the Enemy

By Marijo Phelps

Resist the enemy and he will flee from you. Your strength comes from Jesus in you. If your spirit is willing but your flesh is weak, stand on My promises.

Be not a stumbling block to anyone but lean on Me for your every need and share your sufficiency with those I open your eyes to see.

Daughter, many have needs which go so far beyond what you feel your needs are at this moment. Look to their needs, and share your answer, Jesus, your Lord.

I will be your sufficiency, your victory, your loved ones’ doorway to eternal life. Resist the enemy and he must flee in Jesus name. Bring your flesh into subjection.

Hold out and hold on time is so short that it won’t be long at all. I am coming back for my spotless bride. You feel pressure to get ready for the wedding. Do not allow yourself to be distracted.

Look to my Word. Look up to the soon returning Son. He will lead you through so you might bring others with you on that celebration day.

Help me not to look at my very circumstances, oh Lord, but to look up to you and your perspective I pray. How would you have me respond, my Jesus?

About Self

Saved by His grace in 1974, from 9 years of professing atheism into His loving arms. RN for 23 years, missionary with YWAM then statistical analyst for Every Home for Christ over 9 years. Living with my husband in the middle of a mountain meadow. GRIN! Wanting to spread the good news


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  1. Betty Landry says:

    The enemies has ways of taking you out of Gods will, if you donot stay prayed- up and keep the word of God empowered in your heart and mind.The Lord will always give you a chance to get right with him, and repent of your sins and live a holy up- lifting life before him. We as children of God ,must do the will of God and be accountable for our action and ways, that we bring before him, If we obey the word of God and live a life that pleases God, we would be spotless and clean. Our life is not ours it is Gods to do what he pleases with it. We need to be silent, and pay attention what God is trying to tell us.