Open Heart

By Jacqui Julyan

My beloved children, keep your hearts open, keep my word open so my Spirit can lay riches of heaven into your hearts. The love of many will and is growing colder by the day. Seek my face, my love and I will pour abundant blessings into your lives and those of your families. Close not the Book of Life to those around you. You are my disciples and by your fruits you will known and your good deeds will reflect my glory.

My grace is sufficient for you this day, look not to the right nor to the left. Keep your eyes off the standards of the world. Lift up my name for all to see, I come in grace and truth and your love to others will make my name known.

I am the Light of the world, you walk amidst darkness, but you are my disciples, you are my feet, you are my heart. Walk closer to me each day and I will make your enemies fall to your feet.

Many have turned their back on me already, they know not whom they serve. My wisdom is foolishness to many but out of the mouths of babes I have ordained praise.

Seek my face early in the morning and I will bring forth new dew, new words, new mercies unto your lives and those around you.

Love your neighbour as yourself. Have I not commanded you be strong and of good courage, I will never leave you nor forsake you. Listen to my words only. The devil is a liar and a cheat and will fool many. Listen to my voice my beloved, my remnant.

copyright to jacqui julyan


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