Morning Glory

By Anastasia Floyd


My people this is a time when the Devil and all of his Demons are trying their best to take out the very Elect in the Kingdom of God! Powerful Demons have been released to take out those that are strong in the Lord, Demons do not have morals they will not fight fair. They do not follow rules! But those that know my name and trust in me will not be taken out! Those that know my name and trust in me will come into the stronghold and gain strength and power! My Word is your strength, My Word is your power! Release My Word out of your mouth and do not receive anything into your spirit that contradicts my Word!

I am with you although the attacks are frequent and seem unrelentless I am with you! This is a time for the true Saints of God to start calling upon the name of the Lord! Call upon me as never before! I am here I am ready to deal with your enemies, the enemy does not realize that when he attacks strongly. My presence is even stronger! I am not a God that will sit back and allow my people who obey me and serve me to be devoured by the enemy. Those who know my name come into the stronghold! Stay in the Stronghold, Abide in the Stronghold! And when you go out, go out with your armor on, go out with your emotions in check!

Don’t be moved by what you see, by what you hear, by what it looks like! If it does not line up with my Word it is not REAL! What is seen is temporary what is unseen is eternal. Call those things that are not as though they were. Stand on the Word of God! Call on me in the day of trouble and I will be right there! Those who hear the voice of the enemy, do not pay attention to what the enemy says! Pay attention to what my Word says! If you are hearing the voice of the enemy it is because you are pleasing in my sight, he thinks if he speaks to you he will destroy your faith.

If he speaks to you he is only confirming that you are chosen and that he knows you are chosen. Speak my Word to the enemy nothing more nothing less, only my Word. Abide in my presence my people, abide in my presence! The Angels are here to help you, the King of Glory is not coming, the King of Glory is Here! This is not a time to backslide! This is not a time to be half in the Kingdom and half out the Kingdom! Only those who are truly living Holy will be victorious! The enemy is not playing my people, those that serve him are not playing, they are out to destroy you. They are diligent in their madness! If you are playing around you need to stop because the forces coming after you are not playing around! And you cannot call upon me when you have been sleeping with the enemy at the same time. If you have been straddle the fence choose whom you will serve, those that serve me have my supernatural protection.

Those that are straddle the fence are in danger! The enemy will take you out and you will not receive assistance from Heaven because you have been romancing the enemy. I am a God that fights for my people, make sure you belong to me. For at this time if you don’t belong to Yahweh, you will be destroyed!

I am a Christian Writer I enjoy writing devotionals and poetry and short stories.



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