A Message from Jesus for The Broken-hearted

I shall heal your broken heart with My words of love. My truth shall prevail over all your difficulties, trials, and tribulations. My eyes are watching you, precious child. I see your fears and sorrows; your struggles, your pain and suffering, and I shall not abandon you in your hour of need. My mighty right hand is already stretched out to heal and give peace and abundant life. I am at work. I am Jehovah – I AM THAT I AM.

Have no other gods before me, but worship me alone, for I am your God. Your time of suffering is only for a season and this is in My perfect plan. Do not to give up hope or think that I have abandoned you. I work everything together for good to those who love Me and are called according to My purpose. I have plans to prosper and not to harm you. Seek first My kingdom and My righteousness and all this shall be added unto you. Trust me, for I am faithful to the end. My love is poured out for such as these – the hopeless, the fearful, and the helpless. Trust me day by day. Stand, wait and watch for my salvation and mercy. You cannot even begin to grasp the depths of love I have for you

I made you and I shall be your husband. Though you are broken-hearted and abandoned, I have acknowledged you as My wife. Even though it may seem as though I have forsaken you, my tender love will bring you into My very Presence with rejoicing and thanksgiving. My protection is like the wings of an eagle – carrying you far above the world in complete safety – in the arms of a perfect husband who loves you and gave his life to save you.

I see your fear and rejection. I AM YOUR STRENGTH. Your faith in Me, and Me alone, will make you whole. You are to trust Me as a little child would, not questioning whether I can heal – but just believing – because My Word is truth. Faith is not relying on the power of your prayers but on My Power. You shall be comforted. I shall rescue you from the hands of your oppressors. I shall restore the rights that my afflicted have been denied. I shall raise you from the dust, lift you from the ash heap, and seat you in the heavenly places. Trust in me alone – for I AM YOUR PROVIDER.

The suffering you are experiencing now is not worth comparing to the glory that will be revealed in you. If I am for you, who can be against you? You are more than conquerors through Me. I love you and nothing can separate you from My love! I have already won the battle. All you have to do is claim My promises. Trust Me to work in your heart and your life

Come to Me, My child, and you will find blessed rest from your labour, for My yoke is easy and My burden light. Everything I have is yours. I am the God of the living, so come! Receive life in abundance. Mourn for your lack and I shall fill you. Seek MY righteousness. Build your house of faith on ME and it shall never be shaken or destroyed. Ask and you shall receive. Ask Me to create in you a new heart and place a steadfast spirit within you, so that you will be able to keep to My Way and turn neither to the right nor to the left. Then you will stand firm in the faith. You will fear no longer and joy will flood your soul.

Listen to me, my beloved child. You are NOT nothing. You never were, even when you sinned. Do you not know that I hurt with you? That I cry with you. That I was there every time those things happened? I was there throughout your life. I shall be with you for eternity. Rest in me. Look to me alone for your joy. Your husband cannot give you joy. He, too, is severely damaged, just as you are. Forgive him by an act of your WILL and I shall do the rest. I am looking after you. I have provided my children to care for you. I shall provide all your needs from now on. Seek ME and fling all your worries at my feet. I never lie. All my promises are true. You are looking at a future of loneliness and sorrow. I see a blessed future for you – of joy, comfort, love, and fulfillment. I shall do that for you. Sometimes you are angry with me for what your husband has done. That is what sin does. It crushes, hates, and destroys everyone it touches. Hand your anger over to me or it will destroy you. Come to me. Rest in me. Give me your burdens – all of them. Nothing is impossible for me. Nothing! I have experienced all that you have, and more, so I can identify with you in your struggle and pain.

Ponder on these things:

Ø Every hair on your head is numbered. I keep count, day and night. That is how close I am to you.
Ø You are the apple of my eye. You fill my vision and my heart.
Ø I knit your bones and sinews together in your mother’s womb. I know you inside out.
Ø I know your sorrow and all your failures, even the things you try to hide from me. I knew them when they crucified me. Why do you fear my wrath or doubt my love for you? I died so you will have LIFE – in all its fullness.

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  1. Rudo Chitauro says:

    Thank you for this message. Its the right message for me. This is what I am going through and am wondering, where God is and have been tooo long in this situation.

  2. cresh says:

    nice message!.,i like it and thankful because i learn so many from that message…i know that god always ther 4 me to guide me and thank u 4 that lord god.

  3. salome gomez says:

    this is what im going through right now and i know that god has a purpose for me and others who are going through this god is always here for us to help us in time of need i love you jesus christ you are my one true love and bless andy help him and forgive me of my inniquities

  4. r-jay says:

    thank-you so much for your unconditional love oh God!
    you are mine and i am yours……i trust you to work my
    life and in my heart….soon for the right time i will your
    promises on me…..THANK-YOU and I LOVE YOU too………….

  5. laine1128 says:

    this messages really really touched my heart. i am so greatful for being a son of God. you never leave me in times of this oh Lord…

  6. kath24 says:

    Thank you its just what I needed to see..the light of God through Jesus. I love you Lord. and I’am sorry.

  7. aliya moktan says:

    oh lord you are father of mine.all my hope is on you please guide me please help me please iam sufferin from hard time but my only hope is on you jst you so please lord help i need you please take me please………………………..

  8. Love De says:

    I felt like God was speaking directly to me. It really hurts right now and I felt God was talking directly to me.

  9. Shyam from India says:

    It was so nice and encouraging. I shared with others and has been a blessing. Thank you.