Take the Limits Off of God

By Rick King

Last night I had a dream. I saw in this dream a place where water was gushing out. I then saw a person putting a valve and then a pipe on the water. I knew the water was being controlled or regulated. The pipe was to allow the water to go where the person desired. When I awoke, I saw this again and spoke to a friend about what I seen. As I was explaining the dream I saw like a gusher of oil when the ground had been broken through. Man then places a valve on the oil to control it. Does an abundance of oil and water have a lot of value? These are controlled in the natural because of money for some.

God said that in the last days that He would pour out of Spirit upon all flesh. All flesh to me means man did not regulate this. The water and oil I believe were symbolic of the Holy Spirit. Prayer and warfare have broken through the barriers in the spirit realm and God is pouring out His spirit as He said that He would. We unfortunately in many places are still trying to place a valve on the flow so that we can regulate or decide when or where the flow will be allowed to go. Many churches say that we do not do these things in our church. It is just like Jesus when he healed the man on the Sabbath day. Man tried to dictate when healing could take place. The Holy Spirit is working through people in this day mightily. If they are limited or regulated, then they become like an explosion ready to go off. I think sometimes that we see moves of God all at once, instead of consistent. When the limits are taken off of God, the Holy Spirit can flow through people. We are not God, so we should never start telling God when, where, and how the Holy Spirit should flow. We need to take our control off of the Holy Spirit and just surrender to Him and allow Him to take us where He decides. It should never be our decision. It should be only His. If we will take the limits off, we will experience a mighty move of God.

I am a 60 year old Born-Again spirit filled Christian, that has been saved for 30 years. Jesus found me when I was suicidal. I learned real quickly that I was powerless to be in control of my life, so I let Jesus take over. He has chosen me to be a warrior for Him. WE win, if we fight His way.

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